Who's Leading Crypto's Big Night? Your CMC Awards Hosts and Speakers

Who's Leading Crypto's Big Night? Your CMC Awards Hosts and Speakers

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CoinMarketCap taps its crypto experts to host blockchain's biggest night, featuring keynotes to inspire the community toward greater innovation.

Who's Leading Crypto's Big Night? Your CMC Awards Hosts and Speakers


When the CMC Crypto Awards makes its grand debut on March 6th, viewers can expect no shortage of entertainment as we celebrate the best in blockchain innovation.

But every great award show needs talented masters of ceremonies to guide the night's festivities. They set the tone for the awards event and guide viewers through each segment, building excitement for the nominations and winners.

That's why we've hand-picked two vibrant personalities from our CMC team to lead the festivities for the CMC Crypto Awards. While not household names just yet, these promising up-and-coming crypto experts are creative, quick-witted, and uniquely qualified to highlight all the achievements celebrated on blockchain's biggest night. Both hosts bring a passion for different aspects of crypto that will enlighten and excite viewers.

The CMC Crypto Awards will feature two keynote addresses from industry icons instrumental in crypto and Web3's growth. Their unique perspectives on driving widespread adoption will inspire and motivate us as we cheer for each category of nominees.

On With the Show!

So, who will host the CMC Crypto Awards?

Host 1 - Jonathan Isaac

CoinMarketCap's Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan Isaac, guides viewers through each awards segment. Jonathan has crafted brand stories for industry giants like Gemini, Sony, and Adidas for over two decades. He recognized crypto's endless use cases and joined CMC to educate the next generation about the world-altering potential of digital assets.

Jonathan aims to make crypto and web3 as culturally relevant as the internet. At Gemini, he led global campaigns spotlighting crypto applications in payments, gaming, social connection, content creation, and more - going beyond investing hype.

As CMC's CMO, Jonathan spotlights crypto adoption advances for millions of monthly website visitors. Who better to highlight leaders and builders pushing crypto and blockchain forward?

Host 2 - Alice Liu

Research Lead Alice Liu, publisher of our in-depth monthly reports on all things Web3, co-hosts the CMC Crypto Awards. Her quantitative and qualitative analyses inform investors managing billions in portfolios about evolving crypto and blockchain trends.

Alice continuously explores blockchain gaming, tokenization, DAO governance structures, supply chain tracking, and more. Her extensive research has made her deeply knowledgeable about the nominated crypto projects, enabling her to share insightful context around their selection.

Thought Leaders Taking the Stage: Your CMC Crypto Awards Keynotes

The first-ever CMC Crypto Awards promises not only entertainment but also profound inspiration. We are honored to welcome two leaders in crypto to deliver keynote addresses:

  1. Rush Luton

Kicking off the ceremony is Rush, who has led CoinMarketCap's explosive growth since joining as CEO in 2021. Rush recognized early on that seamless access to reliable crypto data would attract investors and expand real-world adoption. His determination and efforts have helped CoinMarketCap maintain its position as the leading crypto data authority. His keynote will spark viewers' imaginations for what's possible when blockchain transforms economic structures.

  1. Raoul Pal

We also welcome Raoul Pal, co-founder of Real Vision. Raoul built his reputation by forecasting the 2008 financial crisis. His deep analysis of monetary policy, demographics, and technological shifts guides hedge funds.

Having retired from funds management after working at Goldman Sachs, Raoul shares unparalleled insights from years of dissecting economic cycles and market bubbles.

A Monumental Night Awaits

The stage is set for the first-ever CMC Crypto Awards. The ceremony promises entertainment along with visionary inspiration from keynote speakers. These crypto experts will guide viewers through a celebration of blockchain innovation across eight categories.

Wit and wisdom will fill the venue as we celebrate projects driving technology forward and improving lives. The breadth of human creativity fueled by crypto will be on full display on March 6th!

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