How To Land A Job In The Crypto And Blockchain Industry

How To Land A Job In The Crypto And Blockchain Industry

2 года назад

As we usher in the new year and set our resolutions for 2022, how about exploring a career in the exciting crypto industry? Find out how you can increase your chances of landing a role.

How To Land A Job In The Crypto And Blockchain Industry


Immerse Yourself And Learn Everything You Can

Anyone who wants to land a job in the crypto and blockchain industry will need a good understanding of what this industry entails. Research, immersion and learning play an essential role in that process. There are many things one can learn over time, including:

The networking aspect of being part of the crypto and blockchain industry will help you meet new people, find out about new job opportunities, and advance your career. Attending meetups, conferences and conventions is an excellent way to expand your network and connect directly with senior executives and industry veterans. Most events, big or small, can be found on Eventbrite, Blocksocial and Meetup.

Determine The Job Niche To Explore

Identifying the niche you want to work in is the most crucial aspect of landing a job in the crypto and blockchain industry. Every job opening or title has different requirements, qualifications and expectations. Exploring the different sectors is usually a good starting place, although they will still allow you to branch off into a more specialized field if necessary.

The most popular job niches include:

  • Blockchain developer: a job that is in high demand and has one of the highest salaries. Landing this job requires computing programming skills, including C++, Solidity, GO, Javascript, Python and others. It is possible you may need to learn a new programming language for specific projects or ecosystems.
  • Journalism/freelance writing: Editorial organizations are always looking for people who can combine substantial crypto and blockchain knowledge with adequate writing skills. Freelance writing can help aspiring journalists build up a reputation and expand their network. Sub-niches include content writer, research and data analysis, social media/ community manager, etc.
  • Crypto Mining: for those who prefer hands-on action in the crypto world, mining is always an option. Maintaining a mining operation requires various skills, including electrical system knowledge, engineering, marketing expertise administration and more.
  • Venture Capital: perhaps the job option that is most akin to working in traditional finance. A solid grasp of economics, entrepeneurship and financial models will go a long way. It is another good option for high-paying jobs, assuming you have the qualifications to become an investment analyst, research associate, or junior portfolio analyst.

There are many other opportunities to explore in the cryptocurrency and blockchain job landscape. Finding the right niche is essential, and the landscape is icnredibly varied, creating numerous opportunities.

How Much Do Crypto Jobs Pay?

One crucial aspect to figure out is how much money you can make by starting a career in cryptocurrency. While many people know the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum, that doesn't automatically translate to high-paying jobs. Additionally, it depends on what type of job you want, whether you have experience in that field, and who is hiring you. It is no different from working in other areas, although there will be some differences to contend with.

Engineers and developers will earn a lot more money than graphic designers, community managers, or customer support employees. According to statistics from, working for firms in Canada or Europe seems to pay less than a job with Asian or American firms.

Below are some examples of the average base salary — in U.S. Dollar and dependant on region and/or remote work — for the blockchain job ttiles that are in high demand:

  • Engineer: between $80,700 and $128,400
  • Software engineer: $90,000 to $119,000
  • UI/UX designer: $55,000 to $107,500
  • Customer support: $40,000 to $77,500
  • Blockchain developer: $73,300 to $136,000
  • Solidity developer: $125,000 to $145,000

Keep in mind these numbers are industry averages and may differ greatly depending on the company or project you end up working for.

Additionally, it is crucial to understand employers may pay employees in different ways. This is the cryptocurrency world, and receiving part/whole of your salary in crypto is usually an option. However, cryptocurrencies are volatile and may gain or lose value rather quickly. Therefore, it is something to be prepared for at all times, especially when collecting your weekly or monthly paychecks. With such steep amounts of money involved, volatility is a potential aspect to consider.

What Are Crypto And Blockchain Companies Looking For?

Several companies and service providers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space have job openings today. More importantly, they are looking for remote staff members with very specific skillsets.

Wyre is looking for a Sales Manager, Product Marketing Manager and Growth Marketing Manager, These full-time jobs are all non-technical in nature with remote working capabilities. Additional, there is a need for an internal auditor, executive assistant, and solutions engineer. Every company in this industry has a varied need for employees with particular skills.
CoinMarketCap has multiple job openings today. Every job opening favors remote workers, whether they want to help with social media, APIs, data research, product design, or business development. Employee benefits include fully remote work and working whichever hours suit you. Paid company retreats, unlimited vacation policy, and a budget to keep learning and developing are also available.
Aspiring writers can explore job openings for the Ethereum Foundation, TON Foundation, Aave,, Acala, Oddz Finance, Unstoppable Finance and many others. Writers, either freelance or under contract as full-time employees, are always in high demand in the industry. Even Bloomberg has a job opening for a crypto blogger.
It is equally interesting to note how significant brands outside of the crypto industry explore new opportunities through blockchain and digital assets. Reddit, Visa, Nike, JPMorgan, and many others have numerous job listings for all sorts of tasks. Crypto and payments are a powerful combination, although the opportunities presented by decentralized finance, NFTs, and bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto do not go unnoticed.
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