Quem é Michael Feng?

Michael Feng studied at Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania. Feng started my career on Wall Street before moving to Silicon Valley about 10 years ago. He started paying attention to crypto in 2014 when the Ethereum whitepaper came out. In 2017, he originally started as a quant crypto hedge fund. Since liquidity is a huge problem in crypto, he created Hummingbot, which allows anyone to run a market making bot and provide liquidity to quality projects. He also founded another company called DoxIQ. In 2020, many considered Feng has totally revamped Hummingbot.


"Liquidity is the ability to buy and sell something in large size without moving the market. Liquidity can be measured by hard, quantifiable metrics like bid-ask spread, depth, and volume."

Picture source: YouTube: FinTech Silicon Valley