Larry Cermak

Larry Cermak

Director of Research and Analysis at The Block

Quem é Larry Cermak?

Larry Cermak is the Director of Research and Analysis at The Block with the vision to bring rationality to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He and his team launched an enterprise research product dubbed Genesis in 2019. Previously, he was the Head Analyst at Diar where he was responsible for delivering institutional-grade analysis for the weekly newsletter. In 2020, he regularly published research content on The Block and through Twitter, and he was frequently quoted by other news agencies such as Cointelegraph and CoinDesk.


"I am a nocoiner because I think that if I wasn’t, it would affect the research that I do. That’s the main reason. Also, I’m not totally convinced in the overall narrative of ‘store of value’. I’m also not convinced in the, often irrational and condescending, community. Bitcoin isn’t going to eradicate central banks; at best it could become a good alternative go-to — an inflation hedge. The community seems like a cult at times; full of unrealistic expectations." (From an interview with Panama Crypto in 2019)

Picture source: Twitter Profile