Josh Quittner

Josh Quittner

Editor-in-chief of Decrypt

Quem é Josh Quittner?

Josh Quittner is the co-founder and editorial director of Decrypt. He is a renowned editor and writer with a demostrated history of working in the technology industry. He's been an editor and writer at Business 2.0, Fortune, TIME, Newsday and the Albuquerque Journal, among others.


On reporting a good story: “the word ‘exclusive’ is, of course, gold to any self-respecting journalist. There is often a happy place where our interests—finding a good, original story—and yours align. The trick is finding it. Having done that, we always want access to the principal at your company, so we can better understand it, in real quotes, not canned ones.” (As reported by Decrypt)

Picture source: Decrypt