Quem é Dan Schulman?

As President and CEO of PayPal, Dan Schulman is focused on transforming financial services and e-commerce to improve the financial health of billions of people around the world. With extensive experience in payments and mobile technology, Schulman is leading PayPal to reimagine how people move and manage money, and how merchants and consumers interact and transact. Under Schulman's leadership, PayPal was named one of the top companies on JUST Capital’s and Forbes’ JUST 100 list and as a Fortune Change the World company for its work to tackle the biggest challenges facing society today.

Schulman has been recognized as one of Fortune’s top 20 Businesspersons of the Year and he is the recipient of the 2017 Brennan Legacy Award, given in recognition of his contributions to social justice. Prior to PayPal, Schulman served in leadership roles at American Express, Sprint Nextel Corporation, Priceline Group, and AT&T. In Oct 2020, PayPal announced that it would support users to buy, sell and hold selected cryptocurrencies and it led to strong price surges of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


"I think that if you can create a financial system, a new and modern technology that is faster, that is less expensive, more efficient, that's good for bringing more people into the system, for inclusion, to help drive down costs, to help drive financial health for so many people... So, over the long run, I'm very bullish on digital currencies of all kinds."

Picture source: LinkedIn Profile