Chef Nomi

Chef Nomi

Founder of SushiSwap

Quem é Chef Nomi?

Chef Nomi is the creator of SushiSwap which achieved great success in a short time. Chef Nomi sold his SUSHI tokens and lost the control of SUSHI. The community mostly did not forgive him though he returned all the ETH he got during the process. SushiSwap locked $150 million on the first day. The highest TVL is $1.8 billion. SushiSwap fell quickly because Chef Nomi removed his liquidity from SUSHI/ETH pool and sold it for 17971 ETH. Chef Nomi give up the control of SushiSwap and it was took over by the community.


"I hope that SushiSwap continues to evolve. Don't let my mistake deter it from being a 100% community-run AMM. The success of SushiSwap will set a precedent for many more community-run projects."

Picture source: SushiSwap