University to Accept Bitcoin for Blockchain Course
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University to Accept Bitcoin for Blockchain Course

1 year ago

Tuition fees have been set at $3,800 — or about 0.061 BTC at current rates.

University to Accept Bitcoin for Blockchain Course


One of America’s finest business schools has announced that it plans to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for its online blockchain course. 

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is offering what it describes as an “end-to-end blockchain and digital assets program” that will give students the industry knowledge they need to succeed.

Topics include use cases for blockchain and digital assets — such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens and central bank digital currencies. There’s a look at the costs and benefits of this technology when compared with mainstream technologies. 

The course also covers the fundamentals that give digital assets their value, and the role of regulation in this fast-moving space. Decentralized autonomous organizations and decentralized finance protocols also get their time in the spotlight.

Wharton’s next course is due to begin in January, and thousands of students are expected to take part every year. Tuition fees have been set at $3,800 — or about 0.061 BTC at current rates.

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A Popular Payment Method? 

It’ll be interesting to see whether Wharton ends up seeing a lot of demand for Bitcoin as a payment method. You could argue that many of the people who are looking to get an education on the topic might not have the technical wherewithal to pay using Bitcoin — and those who do have a bit of background knowledge might be reluctant to part with their crypto.

Prysm Group is working with Wharton to develop its blockchain syllabus. When asked about accepting BTC, Prysm’s managing partner Guido Molinari told Bloomberg:

“It’s a program about blockchain and digital assets, we felt that we should talk the talk and walk the walk.”

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