How To Perform Well on CoinMarketCap Community

How To Perform Well on CoinMarketCap Community

8 months ago

Let's dive into the abyss of crypto knowledge and find the hidden formula to winning hearts on CoinMarketCap Community!

How To Perform Well on CoinMarketCap Community


The CoinMarketCap team did a bit of analytical housekeeping and found the top-performing post formats on the CMC Community. If you want your content to get seen by hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts, here is all the alpha you need.

Post Informative Long-Form Articles

Despite the hype around short-form content, our team found that long-form actually performs better. Long form does not have to mean thousands and thousands of words. Aim for a solid five minutes of reading time.

Dive As Deep As You Can

In the words of a great actor:

CMC Community is your portal for crypto users. No political debates, no culture wars, no animal videos.

Just clear crypto content. So make sure you dive as deep as you can with your articles because the audience appreciates quality information.

Give Constant Progress Updates

Crypto lives and breathes novelty. If you are not constantly shipping, your project will drown.

But even if you ship, you better let everyone know that you are. Get the word out there about your product updates, V2 launches, tokenomics revamps and everything in between.

Make the Article Interactive

No matter what your article is about, make sure it’s easy on the eye. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Include gifs and memes to break up the walls of text.
  • Link to other posts of your account.
  • Use hashtags and cashtags but use them sparingly!
  • Emojis are welcome, and give your post a human touch.
  • Change between normal font, bold and italic.

Now It’s Your Turn

You’re all equipped with anything Hemingway would need to know to grow an account with great content.

Head to the CMC Community and get posting!

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