CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 3: Bitcoin 'Has Fuel' to Hit $100,000
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CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 3: Bitcoin 'Has Fuel' to Hit $100,000

2 years ago

CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 3: Bitcoin 'Has Fuel' to Hit $100,000

CoinMarketCap Daily, Nov. 3: Bitcoin 'Has Fuel' to Hit $100,000


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Bitcoin 'Has Fuel' to Hit $100,000 🚀

Bitcoin has "fuel for a year-end sprint toward $100,000," according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Mike McGlone also warned that global asset managers who don't have exposure to BTC and ETH "may need to rethink their approach." He believes further price rises are likelier than a retracement in the coming months, but is cautious about altcoins. Here's what he said.

NFT Project Tanks over Old Cartoons 🚨

An NFT project has tanked after controversial cartoons from the artist's past emerged. Some of George Trosley's pictures from the 1970s have been described as offensive and racist. Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood was among those who had invested in the Jungle Freaks collection, but he sold his NFTs after learning about the "disturbing cartoons." Read more.

El Salvador to Build Schools with BTC Profits 💪

El Salvador has announced it plans to use some of the profits from its Bitcoin Trust to build 20 new schools. It’s hoped the facilities will help educate locals about how cryptocurrencies work. The Central American country now owns 1,120 BTC and bought them for an average price of $53,062, resulting in a profit of about $11 million at current rates. Our story.

Silk Road Boss Hit With Confiscation Order 💸

A British man who played an instrumental role in the operation of the Silk Road darknet marketplace has been ordered to hand over Bitcoin worth $670,000. Thomas White launched a new version of the illegal site after Ross Ulbricht was arrested. He is currently serving a five-year jail term for drug trafficking and money laundering. Here's what happened. 

Microsoft Unveils Big Metaverse Plans 🌍

It looks like Facebook — now renamed Meta — has fired the starting pistol on tech giants and big brands rushing into the metaverse. Microsoft has announced that it is going to be rolling out updates to Xbox consoles and Teams. Meanwhile, Nike is embarking on a hiring spree — indicating that the sportswear brand also intends to jump into this virtual world. Find out more.

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