3 Ways to Kickstart Your CMC-Community Profile

3 Ways to Kickstart Your CMC-Community Profile

1 year ago

Not sure how to become famous on CMC-Community? Here are three ways to kickstart your journey!

3 Ways to Kickstart Your CMC-Community Profile


You have read our Four Reasons Why You Need to Start Using CMC-Community Now and you're thinking:

"You beautiful son of a gun, I am in! But how do I grow my following to become the next ShillKing on CMC-Community?"

Glad you asked!

I'm about to give you a couple of drop-dead easy tips, so fasten your seatbelts because here's how you become e-famous on CMC-Community!

1. Bring Your Followers Over From “Twitter” and “Discord”

Bet you didn't think of that one, did ya?

Let’s say you already have followers on Twitter. Or YouTube. Or Discord. We’ll take Twitter for now because that is the most relevant social media platform for crypto.

You can (and should) mention that you are on CMC-Community as well.


Because it’s a new, crypto-exclusive, social media platform, that’s why!

A new Blue-Ocean, ripe for conquering and expanding your Follower-Base.

If your followers trust you, they will follow you on CMC-Community as well. Twitter followers are potential CMC-Community followers (and vice versa) and more impressions on CMC-Community means more “Clout (influence)” on CoinMarketCap, which means more clout in the entire Cryptoverse. And that’s the whole point of being on social media, isn’t it?

It’s as simple as asking your followers to follow your CMC-Community profile.

So, what if they don’t want to?

Let’s be real: those who don't want to were not your real friends and followers anyway. Good riddance!

There is a very practical reason for stacking those followers and engagement numbers as well. CoinMarketCap ranks content by engagement scores. The more followers you have and the more they interact with your content, the more likely your content is to be recommended. Which means even more exposure and and more eyes on your company. That’s why you’ll definitely want to get those numbers up and not keep it to rookie numbers!

Also, we are working on a revamp of the recommendation list to allow users to identify excellent content through engagement. That type of content will be recommended to everyone in their feeds. That’s why on CoinMarketCap Community, the best content will truly win.

And if you're thinking:

"But CMC, it's going to take forever to build my following like this!"

Well, first of all, Rome wasn't built in a day either. If you can't even put a modicum of effort into growing your profile, you will paperhand all the profits in the next bull run.

And second, we got a couple more tips coming right up.

2. Post on Your CMC-Community Feed


Why make things complicated if they can be simple:

You want followers?

Post on your feed.

You want people to find you?

Post on your feed.

You want an interesting profile?

Post on your feed.

Just head over to the CMC-Community Feed and type away. If you cannot figure out how to post, there is a tutorial on how to use CMC-Community.

By the way, science backs this up. Ok, not science, but marketing case studies, which are almost as good. For example, look at this graph from marketing guru “Josh Steimle” comparing traffic before and after increasing posting frequency on a blog:

The orange line is the traffic before he started posting three times a week, and the blue line is after he started posting three times a week. As you can tell, users increased by 50%. More users returned to his page (check the pie chart), and pageviews were up significantly.

And that’s on a blog! Now imagine what you can do on a social media platform, where your content can be shared and go viral.

Imagine each post like a little seed that could rapidly go viral and grow into a tree. The more seeds you plant, the more trees you can grow.

Posting MORE works, there's no denying it.

3. Make Use of Trends and Post About Trending Tokens

The best influencers are trend hoppers.

They see a trend, post a controversial opinion about it, and go viral. Be like them!

Lucky for you, CMC-Community actually shows you the trending coins. Check out $BTC when it was trending:

Do you think you can post something more insightful than that?

I bet you can!

$BTC has more than 1,300 mentions, so imagine what one good post could do for you. Post under a couple of trending coins and boom! You're a CMC-Community celebrity. Becoming e-famous has never been easier than this.

Still Not Convinced? Check Out These Explosive Case Studies

1. BNB Chain

BNBChain started with a measly 18 followers on April 20, 2022. Only two months later, it’s at 171,756 followers. That translates into growth of +954,100%! Not even your most reliable canine-coin can deliver these kinds of returns (anymore).

2. TopGoal

TopGoal started with an impressive two followers on April 26, 2022. Two months later, the account stands at 94,515 followers with a growth of +47,256.5%.

As you can see, the larger your following on CMC-Community, the bigger the exposure on CoinMarketCap. And more exposure on CoinMarketCap means more influence in the crypto space. Win-win.


Implement these tips and you'll be off to the races in no time. We will follow everyone that follows this advice and shout them out to grow their following even further.

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