12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — June 2021 Edition

CryptoJobsList gives a rundown of the newest jobs available for those in the crypto and blockchain space, right now.

12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — June 2021 Edition


Now is one of the best times for candidates to get into crypto, or to seek that dream move. The jobs market is in great health, with companies from across the blockchain sector seeking key talent in a range of roles. What though, if you live out of the way, far from the world’s major technology hubs? No problem. We have plenty of remote jobs in cryptocurrency too.

This is an absolutely bumper month for job listings and opportunities. Here we have collated some of the best and most interesting roles currently advertised on Crypto Jobs List.

Full Stack Engineer job at Project Ark (NFTs for Conservation) 

Project Ark is an up and coming, fast-growing NFT platform which supports important conservation efforts for the environment and wildlife. They are currently seeking a full stack engineer to join their growing team. The right person for the role will have a passion for sustainability — in line with the project’s mission — as well as relevant experience and a desire to build awesome tech products.

Project Ark is looking for someone with three years of front and back end web development for this job. This is a very meaty role which will involve building features end-to-end, as well as contributing ideas to products and features. The successful candidate will also be expected to take those ideas from the planning stage and build the full range of code to implement them. Lastly, this is a remote job, so no matter where you are in the world — this one could be a good fit.

Like the sound of Project Ark but don’t think this is the right job for you? The company is currently recruiting for two more roles which may suit you.

Other jobs at Project Ark:

Developer Evangelist at Zilliqa

Zilliqa Research is advertising for a key role that may offer candidates with experience in development something just a little bit different. The company is currently focused on building DeFi products, such as a Singapore dollar-backed stablecoin, a stablecoin coin system based on collateralized debt positions, a regulated securities exchange and a decentralized exchange for fungible tokens.

As for the role itself, Zilliqa is seeking what they call a "developer Eeangelist." This hybrid job requires someone who is part developer, part marketer, and someone who can grow Zilliqa’s developer communities. This job will therefore require someone with a very strong technical knowledge, as well as someone who can clearly communicate the benefits of Zilliqa and its smart contract programming language Scilla.

If you're interested in developer work and marketing crypto jobs, this varied job really has it all.

Marketing Director at Merlin Lab | Remote 

Merlin is another project building products in the DeFi sector, this time focusing on yield farming and auto compounding assets. Merlin takes care of gas costs, APY tracking, optimal yield strategies and security for its users with the goal of maximizing DeFi users' yield farming rewards at the lowest possible cost. Some of the assets Merlin enables its users to Earn include BTCB, ETH, BNB and MERL.

The company is seeking to add a marketing manager to the team in order to drive adoption in this competitive sector. This will require an experienced, passionate, data-centric marketer. The successful candidate will be expected to develop the company’s marketing communications strategy and lead a marketing team. As well as experience in marketing, a good knowledge of the finer points of DeFi will stand this candidate in good stead,

Other jobs at Merlin:

Senior DevOps Engineer at LinkPool | Remote

LinkPool is the first third-party team creating products for the Chainlink network, driving forward its usability and creating new use cases. Founded in 2017, this well-established company is a truly global enterprise, with team members based around the world.

LinkPool is currently looking for a senior devops engineer. LinkPool says this role will offer the creative freedom to think of the best ways of how to do the task at hand while working in an agile environment. The role also demands managing cloud-based infrastructure (AWS, GCP) with IaC (Terraform) and container orchestration (Kubernetes).

For this position, LinkPool is seeking a candidate with at least four years experience in a similar role. This is one of the hot devops jobs in crypto right now, and would surely be an exciting challenge for the right person.

Front End Engineer at Multis | Paris 

Multis has set out its stall to build the best crypto wallet for business with automated payments, an offramp to fiat and tracking wallet features. The Multis wallet and dashboard is designed to help with the financial administration tasks businesses need. The wallet is compatible with cryptocurrencies, euros and the dollar. 

The company is looking for a front end engineer to work closely with the CTO as well as the engineering, product and design teams, in order to create multiple prototypes for the Multis banking application. Multis is operating at the cutting edge of fintech, so this position could offer the right candidate the chance to build and create something truly transformative.

The candidate should have 3+ years of experience as frontend engineer with React, and will ideally also be familiar with ClojureScript and re-frame. Unlike the bulk of the roles we are discussing today, this one is a little more location-specific. Although the company does work remotely, the Multis team would prefer someone based in Europe for this particular position.

Product Marketing Lead (m/f/d) at Parity Technologies 

Parity Technologies is building technologies which will support the Web 3.0. Based on Polkadot, some of the areas in which Parity Technologies has operated include on-chain governance protocol upgrades, proof-of-authority consensus, private Ethereum transactions, warp sync and pruning, Rust and Wasm in blockchain.

Parity Technologies is searching for a product marketing lead to market Substrate, Polkadot, Kusama and other tools in their development ecosystem to builders — a technical audience group. The role will also incorporate market research, marketing strategy, funnel design and analysis of key data and metrics.

This role will necessitate someone with significant marketing knowledge, and Parity Technologies are looking for someone with 8+ years of relevant experience in marketing and at least five in technology.

Other jobs at Parity Technologies:

Software Engineer at UMA | Remote

UMA is designed to make building DeFi products easy, in an effort to make financial markets universally fair and accessible. Hence UMA, which stands for Universal Market Access. UMA enables DeFi developers to build synthetic assets with ease. 

The company is searching for a software engineer to work on their Ethereum-based web3 stack. The successful candidate will be implementing, testing and auditing client libraries that are used to interact with UMA smart contracts. They will also be required to write backend APIs and off-chain bots. This role will demand a candidate with at least 2+ years of experience in Engineering at a software or financial services technology organization.

The successful candidate will work remotely and with flexible hours. They will also be entitled to paid leave.

Other jobs at UMA:

Senior Blockchain Developer at DEXTF- Decentralized Traded Funds 

DEXTF enables the creation of hybrid structured tokens combining the features of multiple different DeFi projects including yields, derivatives, synthetics and options. The project enables anyone to mint, trade and provide liquidity for tokenized portfolios.

The team is looking for a Senior Blockchain Developer to design, develop, deploy, and maintain smart contracts on multiple blockchains, primarily on Ethereum. Another key component of the role will be designing second layer solutions which can connect multiple blockchains.

This highly technical role demands significant industry-specific knowledge. Specifically DEXTF are seeking a candidate with 3+ years of developing in solidity jobs and 5+ years of software engineering experience.

Infrastructure Lead at Eden Block | Remote

Venture Capital firm Eden Block was founded in Tel Aviv three years ago, and has gone on to back founders from around the globe in sectors such as Web3, DeFi, privacy, custody and payments.

Eden Block currently has an opportunity for an infrastructure lead, running validators for DeFi and Web3 networks including Nym, Pocket, Vega, and many more of their portfolio. The suitable candidate will be capable of monitoring blockchain data to optimise infrastructure setups and will be able to communicate best practice to the Eden Block community.

Communications Manager at Coopérative Kleros | Paris - Remote 

Kleros is a decentralized court system for dispute resolution, and is one of the best established names in blockchain. Kleros sources the wisdom of the crowd, which creates an online court and arbitration services secured by cryptography and game theory..

Kleros is looking for a crypto comms guerilla, a social media specialist who shares their vision. The successful candidate will be a crypto native and DeFi connoisseur. The remuneration package also includes a significant portion of the project’s native PNK token. PNK also confers voting rights in the Kleros Cooperative. 

LACHAIN Core Developer at Latoken | Moscow, Remote 

LATOKEN is an established centralized cryptocurrency exchange which has launched over 160 IEOs. The company is now building LACHAIN, with the goal of automating capital markets. To make this a reality, the company is seeking a core developer. This is a high level role which requires serious technical knowledge and skills. It demands building a blockchain codebase with transaction processing, consensus algorithms, blockchain governance mechanisms, storage and a virtual machine.

This job also has an eye-popping remuneration package. As LATOKEN put it, "we overpay’" The candidate who lands the role will be offered an extremely lucrative stock option of between $200,000 to $300,000.

Other jobs at LATOKEN:

Chief Marketing Officer at Origin Games | US  

Origin Games operate in the highly exciting world of blockchain gaming. Their mission is to establish the next generation of games, pushing the sector forward with the aid of blockchain technology. The company has already launched its first game, “Cradles: Origin Of Species”. In this prehistoric world players can hunt dinosaurs and gain massive NFT rewards.

The company is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer to complete their team. This position requires a proactive Head of Marketing with 2+ years of experience. The successful candidate will manage a multi-channel marketing and community-building program that will accelerate the growth of its protocol and ecosystem.

Besides marketing experience, the right person for this position will also be knowledgeable in blockchain technology. As a mark of how seriously Origin Games are taking this particular role the company has earmarked this role a co-Founder opportunity.

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