CMC Portfolio: The One Thing You Need To Survive the Crypto Rollercoaster

CMC Portfolio: The One Thing You Need To Survive the Crypto Rollercoaster

6 months ago

Waiting for the next bull run? Here is one of the most powerful tools you need!

CMC Portfolio: The One Thing You Need To Survive the Crypto Rollercoaster

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The next bull run could already be at the doorstep (not financial advice). And you are probably completely underprepared and don’t even have a good portfolio tracker in place.
But if you really want to excel in the bull run, you need a strategy. And to execute your strategy correctly, you need to track your investments.

This is where the CMC Portfolio tracker comes in.

Why You Need the CMC Portfolio Tracker

Keeping tabs on different wallets, tokens and blockchains is hard enough as it is.

When the bull run eventually starts, price volatility will explode again and send your investments into the rollercoaster of valuations.

Without a portfolio tracker, you are flying blind, not knowing which tokens are making you money and which ones are losing you money. With the CMC Portfolio Tracker, you can not only track your investments but optimize them.

Crypto portfolio management is so important that CoinMarketCap has not one, not two, but three articles teaching you about how to manage your crypto portfolio:

The article explains how to track investments using crypto portfolio management software or apps.

The article explains:

  • Why portfolio diversification is an important investment strategy to optimize profit potential and reduce risk.
  • Why diversifying within asset classes is more effective than allocating funds to a broad range of financial markets.

The article explains:

  • Why risk management is a technique to reduce losses and protect traders.
  • How to define how much of your portfolio you are going to risk on a single trade is a crucial step in risk management.
Conclusion: It’s hard to keep up with your investments across many different wallets and blockchains. It will be a revelation (and maybe not always a good one) to see what you have invested in and how much.

This is where the CMC Portfolio Tracker provides an easy-to-use solution to keep track of it all.

But how does it work?

CoinMarketCap’s Best-Hidden Secret – The Portfolio Tracker

You may not realize it, but this feature is how peak portfolio tracking looks like:

Throw out all your third-party portfolio trackers because the CMC Portfolio Tracker can do it all and better.

You may sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the features the CoinMarketCap page offers. You probably didn’t even realize the Portfolio Tracker exists in the first place!

Fear not, you are about to learn how to wield its power.

How To Use CMC Portfolio Tracker

Now that you are up to speed about why you need portfolio tracking, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of using the CMC Portfolio Tracker. Luckily, it’s so easy, really anyone investing in crypto can do it.

Connect Your First Portfolio

When you click on Portfolio, you can connect your wallet or add transactions manually. That way, you can conveniently track your assets and transactions in one place:

You can connect both EVM-compatible and non-EVM-compatible wallets to your first portfolio:

Track Your Asset Allocation

Once your wallet is connected, you can track how your assets are allocated and how the value of your portfolio is developing over time:

Filter for Different Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

You can track transactions and filter for incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as across different blockchains:

Create a Portfolio of Different Wallets

Finally, the CMC Portfolio Tracker allows you to add different wallets and create multiple portfolios. It dynamically syncs holdings, so you stay on top of your different wallets:

Conclusion: Track or Be Left Behind

Let’s recap. If you tick any of the following boxes, you definitely need the CMC Portfolio Tracker:

  • You don’t know the overall value of your holdings across different wallets and blockchains.
  • You don’t track profits & losses on your trades over time.
  • You have no clue which coins are driving gains or losses.
  • You buy and sell on a whim instead of making an informed decision.
  • You don’t know whether your investment strategy is working – if you have one.

The tool helps with all of these problems. Once your portfolio is set up, you will have a much better idea of how good (or bad) your investments really are.

Time to start tracking with the CMC Portfolio Tracker now.
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