Technical Analysis: MANA, SAND, RACA, STX and GALA Price Prediction (Oct. W4)

Technical Analysis: MANA, SAND, RACA, STX and GALA Price Prediction (Oct. W4)

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After Bitcoin's breakout from its range, let's check how NFT and metaverse tokens are performing!

Technical Analysis: MANA, SAND, RACA, STX and GALA Price Prediction (Oct. W4)


After BTC’s breakout to the upside, the price reached the range high ofaround $21,000. Although this is a good area to take some profits, there also could be a breakout that participants should look to play. If the price moves above $21,000, sellers will be forced to cover, driving the price up further.

Let's take a look at the NFT and metaverse coins in the 4-hour charts, and how they are performing.


MANA is in a downtrend, however, there is clear demand at lows as the buyers are driving the price above the wick resistance at $0.6293 continuously. MANA is now targeting a significant resistance level at $0.648.

If the price can have a 4-hour candle close above this area, the bearish structure will be broken in the short term, and a further move up to resistance at $0.67 could happen.

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SAND has printed a large positive RSI divergence on the 4-hour chart. Providing the price can pump above resistances at $0.78 and $0.8, the moves could have significant legs.

If the price can reclaim $0.8, it is likely that bulls will push SAND to the top of its range around $0.93. If it fails, the lows at $0.7 will be swept.


RACA is also experiencing a large RSI divergence. The price has reclaimed support at $0.000253, which means it will likely visit resistance at $0.00028. This would be a good area to shave off some profits on longs. If it flips this level, targetting $0.00030 would be a great trade. However, if the price does break down from support at $0.000253, new lows will be on the table.

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STX has recently broken a bearish market structure and is currently trying to reclaim range lows at $0.31350. If buyers can reclaim this area, there is no reason why the price cannot move to test the range highs at $0.34. If it fails to do so, the price will likely slam down to the local lows at $0.286, as there is a lot of liquidity lying beneath.


GALA has been in a persistent downtrend for a couple of weeks now, continuously driving to new lows. The price is moving below the range ($0.0043 and $0.038).

It is likely that the token will continues to fall and break below $0.03125, unless it successfully reclaims the range lows. Since BTC has bounced, it may allow GALA to break this downtrend and start a relief rally.

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  • MANA has reclaimed wick support, and it is close to breaking its bearish market structure.
  • SAND is at wick resistance.
  • RACA has reclaimed its range lows.
  • STX now has bullish market structure.
  • GALA continues to drive to new lows.
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