How Big Are Bitcoin and Ether Compared with Major Companies?
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How Big Are Bitcoin and Ether Compared with Major Companies?

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2 years ago

Bitcoin is similar in size to one of China's biggest e-commerce companies, while Ether rubs shoulders with Morgan Stanley.

How Big Are Bitcoin and Ether Compared with Major Companies?


With the crypto markets surging, you may wonder how the market caps of Bitcoin and Ether compare with the world’s biggest publicly listed companies.

According to AssetDash, Bitcoin is the world’s eighth-largest asset in terms of its total market cap — putting it ahead of major brands such as Alibaba, Visa, Walmart and Mastercard. With a current valuation of about $639.5 billion, BTC is about $75 billion away from overtaking Tesla, the electric vehicle company that also had an extraordinary 2020 in terms of price growth.
Some analysts, such as Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone, have suggested that BTC could be on course to achieve a market cap of $1 trillion this year. If it managed to do this, it would easily leapfrog Facebook, which is currently worth about $750 billion.
Bitcoin would have its work cut out if it was to successfully overtake the likes of Google (market cap of $1.15 trillion,) Amazon and Microsoft (market caps of about $1.6 trillion) and Apple (the world’s biggest company with a market cap of $2.15 trillion.)
Ether is currently the world’s 78th-biggest asset, but has managed to climb rapidly through the rankings — rising nine slots in the past week, and by 44 slots in the past month. Its market cap of $130.7 billion puts it ahead of Morgan Stanley, Sony, Starbucks and Boeing. Should ETH’s price continue to surge, it could overtake the likes of Shopify, AstraZeneca, McDonald’s and Costco.

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