CMC Newsletter: Kill It in the Markets With 10 Minutes a Week

CMC Newsletter: Kill It in the Markets With 10 Minutes a Week

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6 months ago

Only have 2 mins a day? The CMC newsletter summarizes the key market data and news you need to stay ahead in crypto.

CMC Newsletter: Kill It in the Markets With 10 Minutes a Week


What if we told you there was another way to stay on top of all relevant developments in the markets…in only two minutes per day?

There is. It’s called the CMC Newsletter.

And it is, pardon the modesty, one of the best crypto newsletters in the game.

Here’s why…

Catch up on Crypto Twitter

Weekends are for rest and recovery.

But our Monday edition of the newsletter gets you up to speed with everything you might have missed over the weekend.

First, you receive the daily comprehensive overview of the market:
  • Market cap and trading volume of the majors
  • Bitcoin dominance
  • The Fear & Greed Index
  • The daily top gainers and losers
After that, our daily collection of noteworthy news stories. All muscle and no fat – everything you need to know about the latest developments.
Finally, you can click through to our weekly Crypto Twitter round-up to catch up on the talk of the town. Or read one of the latest crypto deep dives and explainers to stay up-to-date on any hot narratives.

Are you not informed?

Mingle With the Community

After a strong start to the week, it’s time to touch base with your crypto frens.

Every newsletter features a daily overview and news stories. Crypto never sleeps and neither does our newsletter person (except for weekends).

But each weekday is different on the CMC Newsletter – that is your edge.

One day a week, the final section features a hot article from CMC Community or a podcast from CMC Live. Lone wolves don’t make it in crypto, and we’re here to look out for you.

Dive Into the Deep End

Why did we mention 10 minutes a week, you might ask?


Each newsletter takes you only two minutes to read.

Two times five makes ten minutes a week to stay ahead of 99% of people in crypto.

But there is a small asterisk to that.

Generally, our midweek newsletters feature the latest research from our CMC Research section.

If you decide to read it – and you should – it will take a bit longer than two minutes. But hey, no one ever made it working part-time.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Video is all the hype. Especially in a world of bots and AI, where you can’t tell who is real and who isn’t.

The last time we checked, Trevor, our CMC YouTube host, was very much real. And once a week, Trevor will be your host with a new video from the CoinMarketCap YouTube channel.

Don’t be shy to check in with Trevor more often – we publish videos on different days. In fact, you should check up on him more often, so he doesn’t decide to become an AI avatar without the CMC team noticing.

And yes, you are still getting the daily comprehensive overview and news stories.

Thank God It’s Friday

Babylon wasn’t built in a day and neither was Academy, our crypto content library.

Maybe both would have been done more quickly without weekends, but hey, we get it – everyone deserves a break from the crypto craziness.

That’s why the newsletter clocks out on Friday with the latest from Academy: explainers, how-to guides, deep dives or anything else you may have missed that week.
So you and your portfolio can rest in peace thanks to the newsletter and our CMC Portfolio Tracker.

Sign up or Stay Sleeping

First, you get the money, then you get the power, and then…you know the rest.

But they forgot one thing: to get the money, you need to get the info first.

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