What is Cybertino’s Interactive NFT?

Cybertino is taking NFTs to the next level through unique interactive NFT technology to allow for a truly unique and personalized experience for NFT holders.

Cybertino is taking NFTs to the next level through unique interactive NFT technology. Our core NFT design involves implementing a Canvas, Layer, Module and Lock System to their NFTs. These are the tools an NFT creator can utilize to create a truly unique and personalized experience for the NFT holders.

The Canvas is the initial base of the NFT. This will be the NFT’s core design, and it can take the form of a static image or video. The Layer is a separate NFT contract that is added to the Canvas, with multiple layers can be added simultaneously. These can be customized by the creator to enhance the Canvas NFT experience, which can be in the form of a text box, an audio clip, or even a change to the T-shirt print on an avatar NFT.

The Module is a mechanism that accepts real-world or on-chain data to change the appearance of the NFT. With the Lock -w- Unlockable exclusive content, creators can create public or exclusive content: it could be an exclusive blog post or a livestream video. Creators will be able to utilize any combination of these tools to interact with their fans via the exclusive NFTs. 

CoinMarketCap will launch its 1st interactive NFT with Cybertino on August 18th. The interactive NFT will take a roguelike style and can capture Bitcoin’s price fluctuation in the past 24 hours and present it in a unique way. The drop will take place in the form of a Cyber box, which means you will randomly get a rarity type out of it, from Common to Legendary. Stay tuned and come try your luck when the sale is live on 8/18 at 9AM EST!

Tip: Now you can register an account above and follow the CoinMarketCap NFT Sale so you won’t miss out when it’s live ;)

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