What is Cybertino.com?

Launched in April 2021, Cybertino.com is the world’s very first NFT marketplace driven by, designed for, and dedicated to influencers and fandoms.

Cybertino.com is the world’s first interactive NFT marketplace for influencers and their fans. Here are some characteristics of our product:

Interactive. We are introducing the world’s first interactive NFT that can contain a special layer to store an editable voice message or text message. It can also change states based on external information - the ones we created with CoinMarketCap is the first ever version of it.

CYBER protocol is the underlying NFT infrastructure for interactive, collaborative and programmable NFTs. and CYBER Token will be the fundamental utility token for protocol functionality in our new product.

Our long Term vision is to build a decentralized community management and growth tool for all community owners with a powerful virtual identity account system embedded for everyone. Users will be able to create customized avatars for themselves. These avatars will be stored as NFTs in the users’ wallets and users can decorate them with branded virtual clothes or accessories introduced by our influencers. Users can also use their NFTs to interact with influencers they like in social and gaming apps.

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