Data Accountability
& Transparency Alliance

Become a DATA Partner
The DATA seeks to promote greater transparency, accountability, and disclosure from projects in the crypto space. This initiative is underpinned by our belief that the provision of additional data points would (i) empower our users to make more informed decisions and (ii) provide a means for projects to differentiate themselves through enhanced disclosures.

The overarching objectives of DATA are to:
• Review, align, and enhance reporting standards across the industry.
• Identify gaps, propose strategies and measures to enhance data accountability and transparency.

Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance Partners

Become a DATA Partner

Data partner criteria

Compliant with mandatory data requirements

  • Submitted mandatory Phase 1 data endpoints to the CoinMarketCap content team via the request form
  • Commits to providing requested mandatory data (details to be decided in biannual roundtables)

Has substantial presence and involvement in the crypto ecosystem; not limited to only cryptocurrency projects or exchanges

  • Strong involvement in the cryptoasset space; ideally core business is in crypto
  • Includes crypto projects, exchanges, funds, media, data providers, and more
  • Has been in operation for at least 1 year
  • Has demonstrable track record (fulfills at least 3 conditions below)
    - At least 2,000 active users or other demonstrable user traction
    - At least 2 meaningful partnerships with other institutions not within its own operating group
    - At least 1 technical implementation that has been peer-reviewed by credible institutions
    - At least 1 research paper or output that has been cited by users or media (recommended)
  • Recognizable brand in the industry; in the position to credibly lead conversations about transparency and accountability
    - At least 50 citations in major crypto media in the past year
    - First page on Google search for its own name

Demonstrates a keen interest in driving transparency in data forward

  • Provided concrete and actionable suggestions for data transparency and accountability in the DATA partner application
  • Responded within 7 days of every contact from the CoinMarketCap team regarding DATA
  • Attends and actively participates in biannual DATA roundtables
  • Provides additional data for presentation at roundtables or for further analysis after roundtables, on request
  • Provides concrete inputs into harmonization of definitions and standards across the crypto data industry
  • Develops their own report into transparency-related issues (optional)
  • Expresses interest in providing funding for proof-of-concept projects involving crypto data transparency and accountability (optional)

Designates a key member of the team to be the primary contact for DATA participation

  • Nominee should be able to speak officially on behalf of the organization regarding data transparency and accountability and should have some decision-making power
  • Nominee should also be knowledgeable enough to provide concrete inputs into harmonization of definitions and standards across the crypto data industry
  • Nominee should attend and actively participate in biannual DATA roundtables
  • Nominee should try to provide additional data for presentation at roundtables or for further analysis after roundtables, as requested

Initiatives driven by DATA partners

Become a DATA Partner
Harmonization of API standards using CMC ID
Biannual roundtable on suggested updates to the transparency policy, and evaluation of the impacts of data transparency
Funding proof-of-concept or prototypes related to transparency initiatives

Mandatory data collection

Phase 1
Live trading data and live order book data by June 14, 2019 (exchanges)
check  Completed
Phase 2
Exchange operations data including wallet addresses and solvency measures (exchanges)
 to be confirmed during roundtable
Phase 3
Self-reporting of pertinent information (projects and exchanges)
  to be rolled out
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