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Platform Tech Update

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Platform Tech Update


By Prom

7 months ago
3 mins read
Platform Tech Update

Dear community members, Prom is being constantly upgraded, and we keep you tuned with our improvements, options, and collaborations. So, let’s have a look at our newest updates and celebrate bugs being fixed!

Search String

We’ve reworked our search string and introduce a more advanced search to our users. You can now find the needed asset by a number of different parameters, including token name or token ID, collection address, or game name.

Sorting Options

We added various sorting options for games and assets for you to see the most relevant compilations.

Games can be sorted by name and date of the project’s launch. NFTs, in their turn, can be sorted by prices in the USD equivalent, from the lowest price to the highest, or vice versa. This sorting type applies to all assets regardless of the listing currency. You can also see the recently listed assets by applying the “Recently Listed” sorting type.

Advanced Filters

One of Prom’s most significant updates. We introduce you to our filter system, made especially for gamers. Let’s review them in detail.

You can quickly find fit games with filters that include genres, chains, devices, statuses, and categories. For assets, you can initially filter them by listing type, game name, chain, and set price range in USD.

Next, to make your search as accurate and convenient as possible, we added inner filtration for each game tailored especially for their assets. To use them, you need to go to a game’s card in the “Games” section on the Marketplace.

For instance, while choosing an asset for Elpis Battle, you can apply a filter for the game’s NFT collections: Heroes or Equipment. You can also use asset property filters for each game. Such filters can also include a search bar and a drop-down list of options for choosing the needed one.

OpenSea Standard Support

We support the OpenSea standard for displaying metadata while adding collections. But we also improved the flow to add unique collections on the platform that do not support the standard. This update will ease the listing of the collections without the need to rework the metadata for developers.

Games’ Details

Now you can find all the needed details about games without leaving Prom. We’ve added descriptions to each project with information on requirements, investments, categories, and genres.

Next, we’ve manually crafted FAQs for every project and will be constantly updating them. For instance, if you want to learn the ropes of Aavegotchi, you can visit the game’s page and find out everything about its gameplay, requirements, and tokenomics. Additionally, you can read our step-by-step guide on how to play it.

MSU Supported

To comfort MetaSoccer’s fans we’ve added the support of MSU: now you can acquire assets with this currency and immediately start conquering the football world.

NFT Characteristics

All the assets presented at Prom now have detailed characteristics including their statistics, properties, and history of listings. Thus, if you need to acquire an Orc asset to play Elpis Battle, you can read all its characteristics and compare it to other NFTs.

UI Upgraded

We’ve polished our UI, redesigned our header, and made a truly convenient searching bar. Next, we’ve made all the icons clickable and added hashtags to games.

Bugs Fixed

Prom is about to become bugs-free. For instance, unlisted NFTs are not in the “Listed” section of personal accounts, and the number of NFTs on the market page is not growing during the scrolling anymore.


Maximally adapted to users needs, the Prom marketplace is already available for you to use it to the maximum and find a perfect gaming fit. Test the platform and stay tuned not to miss our updates.

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