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August 2022 Project Update

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August 2022 Project Update

Vita Inu

By Vita Inu

7 months ago
4 mins read
August 2022 Project Update

Welcome to the August 2022 update for the Vita Inu project!

It was an exciting month on the listing front for the VINU community, with a new Tier 1 and our first Perpetual Futures market! Some big burns were also lit, and more development previews were released!

Lets dive right into it.

Development Updates

WeVinu App

A new addition to our Product catalogue, the WeVinu App is in development to be both a Wallet to #HODL your precious VINU, and a treasure hunt game combining the physical world with the virtual.

Users will be able to hunt for physical QR codes planted in the real world (either by project teams or by other community members), guided by the virtual WeVinu app, which will hold VINU treasures!

The app will also be adding support for additional projects to be onboarded, so you can hunt for different tokens and other project teams can host events.

VINU Products

Our website received a facelift this month with enhancements including a new Products section!

Which products are you excited for the most?

If you like nostalgic music, do hit the play button at the bottom-left of our website too!

VINU is bridging to Polygon chain!

We hosted a vote on Twitter for the community to decide which chain we are bridging VINU to next.

The community has spoken and VINU will be bridged to Polygon in September and subsequently listed on QuickSwap!

Majority of Wrapped VINU gets burned on BSC & ETH

VINU tokens on our native chain (i.e. VITE) are considered ‘Native VINU’ and count towards our supply figures.

VINU tokens on our bridged chains (e.g. BSC/ETH) are considered ‘Wrapped VINU’ and do not count towards our supply figures.

Another way to think about it, is that the native VINU sitting in the native (VITE Chain) Hot & Cold wallets is equivalent to the circulating VINU on the bridged chains.This is because the only way for VINU to appear on BSC/ETH is to cross-chain withdraw it from the VITE chain (i.e. send native VINU to the Hot Wallet) to then be spit out from the BSC/ETH Hot Wallet.

Many users are confused/unaware of the differences between ‘Native VINU’ and ‘Wrapped VINU’, which has led to people incorrectly stating that the Hot & Cold Bridge Wallets on BSC/ETH hold too much VINU (when in reality it is all placeholder/wrapped tokens).

To make VINU more appealing to less-informed users of our bridged chains, we have burned around 65% of the VINU held in the Cold Wallets of our Bridged chains. This results in a reduced ownership % of the Cold Wallets which is more aesthetically-pleasing to unsophisticated users.

As these burns were for ‘Wrapped VINU’, there was no change to ‘Native VINU’ and hence no change to the VINU supply figures.

The burn transactions were as follows:BSC:



You may have seen some new profile pictures popping up with awesome artwork featuring VINU!

This is our 4th NFT collection in development, appropriately named VinuArt, and is AI-generated!

Listing Updates Listing Vote — WINNER!

VINU extends its listing vote crown to 2/2 wins — first Bybit, now

More details here:

To celebrate Vita Inu’s victory, users were able to stake USDT on to win their share of VINU from the prize pool, amongst other activities.

Stake USDT on to win your share of the prize pool

Another tier 1 exchange under our belt. More to come!

MEXC announces Perpetual Futures & 3X Leverage Pairs for VINU!

MEXC users can now trade VINU with margin, with our first ever VINU Perpetual Futures pair!

Perpetual Futures: VINU3X Long: VINU3X Short:

We expect more exchanges to follow suit!

VINU lists on Coinstore exchange!

Coinstore users can now trade Bep20Vinu on Coinstore!

Bitmart adds support for VINU on VITE and ETH chains

Bitmart users can now deposit & withdraw VINU from BSC, VITE, and ETH.

Bitmart has now become a pseudo-bridge for VINU!

Bitrue adds support for VINU on ETH chain

Bitrue users can now deposit & withdraw VINU from both BSC & ETH chains!

Tracker Listings

VINU listed on some new token tracking websites this month, check them out and make sure to click the vote button on each!




Our TradingView listings also expanded during the month to now include our market.

Community Highlights

VINU wins the CoinenergyZ Champions League!

Our VinuSquad proved themselves as the mightiest community of all, taking the crown for the inaugural CoinenergyZ Champions League.

Subsequently, CoinenergyZ proceeded to purchase & airdrop VINU to the community as a reward.

Congratulations to our community!

VINU Infographic

Want to impress your friends with VINU?Well, now you can!

Show your friends a simple, aesthetically-pleasing infographic of why VINU is so special.

International Dog Day

The highlight event for August has to be International Dog Day.

Users were asked to share pictures of their cute doggos to win

What an amazing & diverse community we have!

Make sure you are following all things VINU, and we will see you in the September update!













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