What Is Fantom Maker (FAME)? A Democratic Launchpad for Fantom

What Is Fantom Maker (FAME)? A Democratic Launchpad for Fantom

1 year ago

CoinMarketCap dives into Fantom Maker, a launchpad and incubator primarily focused on the Fantom blockchain.

What Is Fantom Maker (FAME)? A Democratic Launchpad for Fantom


As its name suggests, Fantom Maker is a launchpad primarily built to operate in the Fantom ecosystem. As a launchpad, Fantom Maker is used to democratize access to opportunities in the Fantom ecosystem by using a token-based access system to provide exposure to early-stage Fantom-based token sales.

The platform is associated with the wildly successful DAO Maker ecosystem which has gone on to dominate the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based decentralized fundraising space.

Fantom Maker’s native utility token is known as $FAME. This is primarily used to determine the allocation size each holder gets in each upcoming IDO, with more tokens resulting in larger allocations.

The platform is led by its CEO Maurizio Esposito, the founder and owner of Halvings capital and an experienced entrepreneur and business developer with a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market and its niches. Other prominent team members include Fantom Maker co-founder David Braut, an experienced consultant and IT professional that has worked with both government and fortune 500 companies. David Braut is noted for co-founding Themis — an NFT-based DeFi lending platform.

DAO Maker's Hassan Sheikh is also on board as an advisor — helping with deal flow, growth and strategy.

How Does Fantom Maker Work?

As a Fantom-centric launchpad, Fantom Maker is designed to provide its users with access to early-stage projects built in the Fantom ecosystem. This might include new decentralized exchanges, play-to-earn games, DeFi protocols, metaverse projects, digital marketplaces and more.

The platform separates itself from many other launchpads in that it offers guaranteed allocations for all token holders. Like most platforms, users holding more tokens will get larger allocations, however, it operates on a scaling system that distributes each allocation proportionally among FAME holders based on the size of their holdings.

Thanks to this system, Fantom Maker allows even small holders to receive allocations in its projects — helping to minimize barriers to entry while giving everyone an opportunity to participate in early-stage Fantom-based project launches.

In order to maximize exposure for projects, Fantom Maker also separates a chunk of each project’s raise for the general Fantom community — allowing those that are not holding any $FAME tokens to participate in these sales through a lottery system.

The project will be deployed on the Fantom blockchain which users can interact with via their favorite Web3 wallet — such as MetaMask.

Users that haven't interacted with Fantom before will need to add Fantom as a network to their Web3 wallet. Here are the official Fantom RPC details for MetaMask. Other wallet clients may have a slightly different process.

Fantom Maker conducted its initial DEX offering (IDO) on DAO Maker on Jan.13, 2021. The $FAME token generation event (TGE) was completed shortly thereafter, following which it will be tradeable on popular Fantom-native DEXs, including SpiritSwap and SpookySwap. A BEP-20 version of the token will also be tradeable on PancakeSwap.

What Makes Fantom Maker Unique?

Besides being arguably the only big-name launchpad for the Fantom ecosystem, Fantom Maker also includes several unique features and properties that help distinguish it from similar platforms operating on other blockchains. Some of the most prominent unique features include:

Anti-whale system

Fantom Maker aims to make early-stage investments as accessible as possible by implementing an anti-whale system. If users hold more than a fixed number of FAME tokens, the size of their allocation will be reduced to ensure whales (wealthy individual investors) cannot snatch up the majority of the token sale allocation.

This system ensures even small-scale $FAME token holders can participate in its sales while simultaneously preventing the centralization of the token supply post-launch.


As a modern EVM-compatible blockchain, Fantom has gone from strength to strength in recent months thanks to rapid growth in its DeFi landscape, ballooning TVLs and a dramatic surge in the number of active Fantom-based addresses.

As per data from the Fantom Foundation, the total number of unique Fantom addresses increased 29,000% in 2021 alone to reach over 1.5 million unique addresses. Similar growth has been seen in its DeFi sector, with the TVL across all Fantom-based protocols now sitting at more than $110 million.

Taken together, this makes Fantom a potential hotbed for further growth and opportunities.

More investment opportunities

Unlike most other launchpads on other chains, Fantom Maker will hold sales at all stages of the fundraising process — including seed, private and public raises. This ensures participants can gain exposure to projects at all stages of the pre-launch lifecycle.

Study + Connect + Invest + Scale Methodology

Fantom Maker applies a four-step plan for all of its launches. This allows it to spot promising early-stage projects, connect with its team, establish an investment plan and then provide the resources necessary to scale the project and help it capture its target segment as efficiently as possible.

Beyond fundraising

Although Fantom Maker’s primary focus is ensuring that genuinely promising projects building on Fantom have the funding and resources they need to thrive, it also offers a range of additional tools and features to maximize their chances of success. This includes white label liquidity, compliance, marketing and advanced staking programs.

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