'FUD': Ran NeuNer Dismisses Crypto Banter Allegations
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'FUD': Ran NeuNer Dismisses Crypto Banter Allegations

5 месяцев назад

In a 30-minute YouTube video, NeuNer addressed allegations that Crypto Banter sold Alien Worlds tokens on the same day that the project's team were invited on for an interview.

'FUD': Ran NeuNer Dismisses Crypto Banter Allegations


A crypto influencer has been accused of dumping an altcoin while promoting it to his audience.

Ran NeuNer — the founder of Crypto Banter — has dismissed the allegations as "FUD."

A YouTube video posted by Crypto Exposed claimed that NeuNer sold Alien Worlds tokens on the same day he performed a live interview with one of the project's team members.

Crypto Exposed points to a screenshot from NeuNer's video, which shows TLM worth 0.43 BTC was sold on May 5, 2021 — coinciding with a livestream about the project to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

At the time, the transaction would have been worth about $25,000, and the Crypto Exposed video adds:

"While he was hosting the interview with the TLM team and talking about how great the project was, he was dumping on his fans."

Crypto Exposed went on to share a screenshot of Crypto Banter's ethics statement that says no member of its team "may engage in any selling activity on any token that is mentioned on any of our mediums for at least 24 hours after it is mentioned." However, this rule only appears to have been enacted several weeks after the transaction took place.

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'We Made a Mistake'

In a 30-minute video uploaded to the Crypto Banter page, NeuNer acknowledged that a mistake was made — but denied being the person who had executed the trade for TLM last May.

And while he accepted responsibility for the mistake, NeuNer claimed that the TLM transaction amounted to less than 1% of Crypto Banter's $2.5 million stake in the project.

He went on to reject claims that the TLM was sold at that time to use Crypto Banter viewers as exit liquidity — and said the transaction was performed in order to fund other investments. NeuNer added:

"The reason why we sold is because that is how we fund our next investments. We take small increments of every investment that we make and we use that to fund future investments. And in this case, it was pretty much really bad timing. Really, really bad timing … I'm not proud of it."

NeuNer criticized anonymous Crypto Twitter accounts for attempting to discredit his organization, with certain tweets showing Banter's YouTube videos — entitled "NEXT LEG OF BULL CYCLE!!" and "BIGGEST BUYING OPPORTUNITY!" — overlaid over Bitcoin's price chart.

"They effectively look for every single call that was wrong, at the bottom of the market cycle. They don't take anything else into account, they don't add any of our correct calls, they just take a whole load of calls that were wrong, put them into a tweet thread, and spread them into the market. They have one objective and their objective is to discredit us."

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