Burritos or Bitcoin? Chipotle is Giving Away $100,000 of Crypto in New Contest
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Burritos or Bitcoin? Chipotle is Giving Away $100,000 of Crypto in New Contest

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The bonanza is set to take place on National Burrito Day... which also happens to be April Fool's Day.

Burritos or Bitcoin? Chipotle is Giving Away $100,000 of Crypto in New Contest


Move aside Taco Tuesdays, Chipotle has just announced "Burritos or Bitcoin” — a promotion that could see you win $25,000 worth of crypto. 

To celebrate National Burrito Day, the fast-food chain will give away a total of $100,000 in Bitcoin, plus $100,000 worth of food. And despite the fact that the contest officially launches on April Fool’s Day at 9am PST, the company has assured fans that it’s not a prank. In fact, it’s claimed to be the first time a food outlet has given away cryptocurrency. 

Chipotle has teamed up with Stefan Thomas, a San Francisco-based tech founder who famously lost $387 million in Bitcoin because he couldn’t remember the password to his digital wallet. In a playful nod to Thomas’s wallet woes, which he claims to have now “made peace with,” Chipotle has created an interactive game where players have 10 attempts to crack a digital code on its wallet that could unlock Bitcoin or, you guessed it, burritos. 

A Side of Bitcoin with Your Burrito? 

The game has been dubbed a “chiptocurrency” rescue mission and will include 10,000 free burritos, 50 prizes worth $500 in Bitcoin, and three prizes worth $25,000 in Bitcoin. 

In a news release, Chipotle’s chief marketing officer Chris Brandt said:
"National Burrito Day is a huge moment for Chipotle as our fans traditionally flock to our restaurants and digital platforms to order their favorites. We're always looking for unique ways to enhance the celebration, and this year, we're giving fans the opportunity to acquire two highly valuable assets: Burritos or Bitcoin."

If you want in on the action, you’ll have to be quick, as the game will close on Thursday at 6pm PST. 

"If players are unsuccessful in their 10 attempts and endure the same fate as Thomas, they may be surprised and delighted with a special offer from Chipotle," the company said. 

Chipotle joins a number of high-profile brands that have dabbled in the crypto scene lately, with Taco Bell having successfully launched NFTs on the marketplace Rarible, which were snapped up in minutes. 

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