Twitter’s Decentralized Social Media Push Finally Has Boss
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Twitter’s Decentralized Social Media Push Finally Has Boss

1 year ago

The crypto developer Jay Graber will lead Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky initiative — and they’re hiring!

Twitter’s Decentralized Social Media Push Finally Has Boss


It’s taken more than a year and a half, but Twitter’s Bluesky project to decentralize and civilize social media finally has a leader.

Jay Graber, a social events startup founder and crypto developer, tweeted out the news on Aug. 16, saying that their next step will be hiring a team to begin work on the project. 
Graber said they had worked with a small team of “thinkers and builders from the decentralized social ecosystem” for the past year. That group published a tech-heavy review of the field in January. 
“[M]y next step will be hiring for the bluesky team,” Graber tweeted, pointing to openings for a protocol developer and web developer on “It won’t happen overnight, but we’ll share our progress along the way,” they added
In retweeting Graber’s announcement, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey — who launched the project in 2019 — said “[n]ow we can move much faster, and through code.”

Expanding the Conversation

Bluesky was first announced by Dorsey in December 2019. He said the project would ultimately build a larger and hopefully more civil public conversation

Dorsey said at the time that Bluesky’s goal is to build “open recommendation algorithms which promote healthy conversation.” 

That refers to concerns that social media platforms of all kinds direct users to more extreme content in order to attract and maintain attention. Both Twitter and Facebook have struggled with censoring political leaders — including now-banned President Donald Trump — over content deemed to promote violence or spread untruths. COVID-19 vaccination conspiracy theories are the current field of battle.

Dorsey added that “existing social media incentives frequently lead to attention being focused on content and conversation that sparks controversy and outrage, rather than conversation which informs and promotes health.

Creating these algorithms and getting other social media platforms to join “will force us to be far more innovative than in the past,” Twitter’s CEO added.
Dorsey said that creating and funding the team was “the only direction we at Twitter, Inc. will provide.”
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