Ether Now Supported By Twitter's Tips Feature

Ether Now Supported By Twitter's Tips Feature

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11 months ago

"Now you can pay $90 to tip someone $5! Thank you Twitter!"

Ether Now Supported By Twitter's Tips Feature


Ether is now supported by Twitter's Tips feature, the social network has announced.

The move comes five months after support for Bitcoin was unveiled.

Twitter's tipping feature allows content creators to receive financial contributions from their followers.

Other touted use cases include supporting up-and-coming comics, helping small businesses, and donating to charities.

Twitter has been positioning itself as a crypto-friendly platform — and believes digital currencies allow users to "send each other money across borders with as little friction as possible."

It also recently unveiled a feature that allows NFT collectors to connect their crypto wallets and display digital art as their avatars.

For now, tipping with crypto is only possible through Twitter's mobile apps.

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ERC-20 Tokens Supported

Although Ethereum Name Service domains aren't supported, the company told CoinDesk that tipping will also be available using ERC-20 tokens — including stablecoins such as Tether. Twitter's lead product manager of creator monetization, Johnny Winston, told the publication:

"We're continuing to expand ways to get paid on Twitter which includes more choices for creators and fans who want to use crypto."

Tips is also beginning to appear in a broader number of territories — with Nigeria, Ghana and India becoming the latest countries where this feature is offered.

It remains to be seen how popular Ether will be as a payment method for tipping on Twitter — not least because transaction fees can surge when capacity on the Ethereum blockchain is stretched.

Illustrating this with a rather sarcastic tweet, @cobie wrote:

"Now you can pay $90 to tip someone $5! Thank you Twitter!"

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