Kushagra Agarwal, автор

Kushagra Agarwal

Kushagra is the Co-Founder of Samudai.


Kushagra is the Co-Founder of Samudai, a DAO project management platform that enables collaboration and bounty management for admins, project managers, and contributors. In addition, Kushagra serves as a Kernel Block III Member at Gitcoin, where he successfully created a tokenization platform that enables content creators to conveniently generate and distribute social tokens to their dedicated community members. Since 2019, Kushagra has actively driven innovation in social platforms using blockchain technology, aiming to support the creator economy with enhanced community participation and engagement. Kushagra was previously part of IBM's Digital Transformation Labs where he developed an eLearning portal that allowed B2B clients to collect valuable analytical insights for effective marketing strategies. Kushagra holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from Vellore Institute of Technology.

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