Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky

Founder & Ceo, Celsius Network

Alex Mashinsky คือใคร

Alex Mashinsky is most known as the inventor of VOIP which today enables over 1 billion people worldwide to use free voice over the internet for free. He has founded Celsius Network which is a community-based Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol allowing members to borrow dollars against their crypto assets and to earn interest when they deposit (and lend) their crypto out. His goal is to get 7.5 billion people to go From VOIP to MOIP (Money over IP).


“2017 was all about hype and first-time users jumping in to try to catch BTC because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), this time, it is different, the fact almost no one is searching for BTC (referencing data from Google Trends), tells you everyone already knows what it is and where to buy it (cash app or Paypal).” (As reported by Cointelegraph)

Picture source: Dania Maxwell/Bloomberg