See CMC Prices — Wherever You Go
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See CMC Prices — Wherever You Go

1 year ago

Now on the CMC Android app, you can see the prices of your top coins follow you around our site.

See CMC Prices — Wherever You Go

When you are logged into CMC on your Android phone, you’ll now be able to see the price of all of your watchlist coins — no matter where you are on the app.

If you don’t have a watchlist on CMC yet, read our watchlist tutorial here.

You can turn on the floating price widget by clicking on the toggle. And please make sure CoinMarketCap app is appearing on the top as always

Then, as you check out other parts of CMC — your watchlist coins’ prices will follow you, wherever you go.

If you have more than one watchlist, you’ll have to pick which one you will use for the floating price widget. As well, if you have more than 30 coins in your watchlist, you’ll need to remove some in order for the widget to be turned on.

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