Copy This Strategy to Survive & Thrive in the Bear Market

Copy This Strategy to Survive & Thrive in the Bear Market

1 year ago

It’s a rough, cold winter in the crypto world. NFTs are down badly, Bitcoin is at critical lows, and market sentiment is not the best overall...

Copy This Strategy to Survive & Thrive in the Bear Market


It’s a rough, cold winter in the crypto world. NFTs are down badly, Bitcoin is at critical lows, and market sentiment is not the best overall...
There are two choices here, you could panic sell and jump ship or you could stay the course and build. At CMC-Community, we have a very strong belief in crypto being the future of society. So we’ll be breaking down a helpful strategy you can begin to implement right now that’ll help you come out on top at the end of this bear’s hibernation.

Following recent rallies, most assets are sadly losing what they gained over the first few days of October.


Whether this bear market bounces back or not, we strongly advise that you focus on one thing only – building. More specifically, skill-building. A bear market is a perfect opportunity to grow your skillset/capital and create a better strategy for the next bull run. But how exactly can you do this?
If you’re a trader, you should be doing deeper research into the vast mechanics of trading to learn what style of investing works for you based on the best practices implemented by other expert traders out there. Become a real pro on chart analysis, indicators and everything in between, so that by the next bull run, you’ll know exactly what the market is going to do before it does, allowing you to reap massive gains.
If you’re more of a traditional builder, aka actually building products or communities to help grow Web3 as a whole, we’ve got a few tips for you too.
If you don’t have a brand of your own, why not consider joining a crypto company? This would be the best place for you to gain experience and allow you to network with some awesome people. Otherwise, if you do have a brand or product, now would be the perfect time you work on growing your community.
Enter CMC-Community, the perfect place for any crypto influencer or Web3 company to grow their brand from scratch, to quickly become a juggernaut in the space.

But What Is CMC-Community?

First, let’s explain exactly what CMC-Community is and how you can use it to master the market.

CMC-Community is a dedicated platform for everything crypto. It’s your Twitter feed, but far less flooded and distracted with non-Web3 content. The platform is built from A to Z with the crypto enthusiast and Web3 builders in mind, and that’s definitely reflected in its features.

First up, we have the main feed. Here, you’ll notice that each post comes with a Bullish or Bearish indicator. It allows you to quickly understand what tone of voice someone is writing in, and better grasp the overall feel of the market at a quick scroll or glance. You’ll also notice a very handy Trending tab in the top right, showing you the hottest coins that are the talk of the town right now. It again allows you to understand exactly where the market is in a matter of seconds. Lastly, you’ll also notice a Recommended Accounts section, which lets you find accounts that can help you grow in the space.
CMC-Community was built with an emphasis on empowering the average crypto investor. The idea of giving you important data as quickly as possible is based on the volatility of the market. Finding out a piece of news even 5 minutes early can be the difference between earning or losing thousands, so having important market indicators front and center is a super helpful framework in this case.
Up next, the Articles tab. Think of this as your hub of knowledge for everything on the blockchain. This tab is where people just like you, as well as massive companies, come to post about the market and what they’ve got going on. CMC-Community has partnered with several coins and projects who are regularly posting deep dives and market updates directly to this tab. So it’s far easier for community members to keep track of everything.

The articles are also very handily split up into a number of sections, namely the Recommended section, Top 10 Rankings, Most Liked, Most Viewed, Most Shared and Latest. As you can imagine, these sections are made in a way to highlight the best content the platform has to offer, allowing you to once again discover important information more quicker, to help you along in your crypto journey.

Finally, the last thing we’ll mention here is the age-old and fan-favorite CoinMarketCap features which are also directly available on CMC-Community – the Portfolio & Watchlist.
Your Portfolio allows you to directly track and manage your investments in crypto to get a detailed view of which of your coins are up or down.
Your Watchlist is a custom list of coins that you’ve favored, which you can edit to show you a huge variety of different data points. In fact, the data columns are fully customizable, and you can choose which things to turn on or off based on each list. There are 36 different columns you can toggle on or off here so it’s a fantastic place to stay on top of the market.

That’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this handy guide on how to thrive in a bear market. Remember to do your research and build on reliable platforms to grow your community/capital in time for the next bull run. Best of luck!

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