CoinMarketCap Daily, August 18: Dogecoin Foundation Back in Business
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CoinMarketCap Daily, August 18: Dogecoin Foundation Back in Business

2 years ago

Today, we check into Dogecoin, Binance and the Bank of Jamaica.

CoinMarketCap Daily, August 18: Dogecoin Foundation Back in Business


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Much Wow! Revitalized Dogecoin Foundation Includes Buterin, Musk Rep 🐕

The long-dormant Dogecoin Foundation has been reestablished as the meme-cryptocurrency’s developers try to turn it from a crypto-Twitter phenomenon into a useful, working blockchain. The new advisory board’s luminaries include Ethereum-founder Vitalik Buterin and a financial advisor appointed by Dogecoin-memer Elon Musk. Bark here for more information.

Binance Adds Senior IRS Cop to Anti-Money Laundering Team  👮

Pummeled by regulators around the world, No. 1 cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the hiring of a senior agent of the IRS – Criminal Investigations division. Greg Monahan will head its anti-money laundering compliance. Binance is on a compliance push after a series of enforcement actions from regulators around the world. Get the details.

Bank of Jamaica Says Only Courts Can Set Aside CBDC Privacy 🇯🇲

The Bank of Jamaica promised that only a court order will allow authorities to track citizens spending when its new central bank digital currency launches in 2022. Spending privacy is a growing concern for CBDC projects. A U.S. congressman recently said strong privacy would give a U.S. digital dollar an advantage over China’s first-mover digital yuan. See the news.

Facebook’s Novi (Ex-Libra) Digital Wallet Ready to Launch 👛

Facebook’s David Marcus says its digital currency wallet is ready for prime time. Marcus spearheaded the social media giant’s Novi — formerly Libra — stablecoin project, which ran into massive opposition from bankers, regulators, and elected officials around the world. Facebook says it only controls the Novi wallet, not the overall project.
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