The Catalyst Effect: Why Crypto Connoisseurs Are Hyped for Catalyst

The Catalyst Effect: Why Crypto Connoisseurs Are Hyped for Catalyst

10 months ago

CoinMarketCap talked to five people that are ready to grab the Early Bird tickets and asked them why they plan to visit Catalyst.

The Catalyst Effect: Why Crypto Connoisseurs Are Hyped for Catalyst


Catalyst is the crypto event you can't afford to miss, and it’s getting closer step by step. We are aiming for an epic gathering with a powerhouse lineup of industry experts, hands-on workshops and the can't-afford-to-miss presentations. No wonder people can’t wait to sign up for Catalyst!

CoinMarketCap talked to five people that are ready to pounce on Early Bird tickets and asked them why they plan to visit Catalyst. Here’s what they had to say…

Liam, 25: The Adrenaline-Fueled Crypto Trader

Meet Liam, a trailblazing crypto trader who's been riding the waves of the market since 2020. He got into crypto when money was fast and loose. Liam’s excitement for Catalyst couldn't be more evident:

"I'm absolutely stoked to experience the discussion of advanced trading strategies and cutting-edge tools Catalyst has to offer," says Liam.

"I follow CoinMarketCap’s trading content, and I can’t wait to network with fellow traders at the conference. Plus meeting the industry's top market analysts and expanding my trading knowledge will be so much fun!"

Emily, 27: The Future-Oriented Blockchain Marketer

Women in the blockchain industry are rare and female blockchain marketers are even rarer. But Emily is an ingenious marketer for a DeFi options protocol and has her finger on the pulse of the industry. When it comes to Catalyst, she won't mince words:

"Blockchain tech is evolving at lightning speed. I'm itching to be on the frontlines and to discover the latest advances and trends. Catalyst brings together all things blockchain: workshops, smart contract development and, of course, new marketing trends. The thing I’m looking most forward to at the event is networking with like-minded professionals!”

Evan, 39: The Steward to the Regulatory Seas

Evan, a razor-sharp RegTech and legal specialist, is attending the conference to get the inside scoop on digital asset regulations:

"For anyone involved in the crypto ecosystem, staying ahead of regulatory changes is paramount," Evan explains.

"Catalyst provides an unbeatable opportunity to gain insights into the newest regulations. I'm also looking forward to meeting other professionals with a keen interest in the legal and regulatory landscape. Regulation is the most important topic now for crypto and it’s really important to have discussions about it."

Noah, 24: The Artist in The Eye of the NFT Hurricane.

Digital artist, Noah, is ready to unleash his creative spirit at Catalyst. He’s only 24, but he is already accumulating different NFT collections.

"Catalyst is going to be lit. Usually, I don’t go to conferences but this conference is dope and some of my friends said they were going. So yea, I’ll check it out," Noah explains.

"If I can connect with other artists, that will be fire. NFTs are the next big thing man, I’m telling ya. The next bull run is going to be so crazy, for real!" he notes.

Lucien, 30: The DeFi Innovator Seeking the Next Big Thing

Lucien is the co-founder of an up-and-coming DeFi platform. He is all about staying ahead of the curve. No wonder he is so enthusiastic about Catalyst:

"I see Catalyst as the ultimate launchpad for innovation and the opportunity to identify groundbreaking ideas," Lucien said.

"I mean, with top-notch speakers, workshops on cutting-edge tech, and all these amazing entrepreneurs under one roof, it's like a goldmine for collaboration and growth. Can't wait to step up my game and level up my network!"

The Catalyst Effect: A Knowledge-Packed Explosion

Catalyst will provide unparalleled access to a treasure trove of industry insights and skill development opportunities. You'll rub shoulders with thought leaders who can equip you with invaluable knowledge and guidance. Crypto evolves every day and is fast-paced ─ we know that better than anyone. But Catalyst will keep you ahead of the curve.

You'll expand your horizons and leave the event with your brain bursting at the seams with new ideas and a fresh perspective on the future of the crypto landscape. The workshops and numerous panel discussions and presentations will make sure of that.

Seize Your Ticket to the Crypto Event of the Year!

Catalyst Conference is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss. Traders, marketers, founders ─ there’s no position that will not be attending Catalyst.

Don't let this epic opportunity slip through your fingers! Seize your chance to network like never before and leap into the real-world spawning of crypto. Time to lock in your spot and join us in experiencing the exhilarating future of crypto:

Register for Catalyst by visiting the Catalyst homepage.
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