AMC Launches Poll to Decide Whether It Should Accept DOGE
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AMC Launches Poll to Decide Whether It Should Accept DOGE

2 years ago

A poll by the company's CEO, Adam Aron, has been voted on more than 125,000 times.

AMC Launches Poll to Decide Whether It Should Accept DOGE


When AMC Theatres announced that the cinema chain would accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, some were disappointed that Dogecoin didn’t appear on the list.

But now, the company’s CEO has launched a Twitter poll — asking his followers whether DOGE should be a payment method too.

While 69% of respondents said it is a good idea, 8.5% said they agreed, but wouldn’t use the joke cryptocurrency themselves. Meanwhile, 6.9% said DOGE isn’t important — and 15.6% warned it would be a waste of effort.

It seems some of Adam Aron’s Twitter followers are dubious about allowing cinema tickets to be purchased using crypto at all. Kurt Wickert wrote:

“DOGE fees are also high. BTC and ETH fees cost more than the tickets. BCH and LTC are also trash. If they were used any scale, they would also fall apart.”

Dogecoin’s verified Twitter account had more of a tongue-in-cheek reaction to the poll, writing: 

“Look, @CEOAdam- do you want wow? Because that's how you get wow. Ask @mcubanand @elonmusk — they have seen much wow, and if you, sir adam, would like to see much wow, why not accept such coin? It's just as easy to accept as the others, plus there's a dog on it.”
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Embracing Crypto

As reported by CoinMarketCap Academy, AMC Theatres will allow four cryptocurrencies to be used by the end of this year for online tickets and payments at concessions.

Digital assets are increasingly being accepted as a payment method. PayPal allows BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH to be used at millions of merchants in the U.S., while El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender.

But some say Bitcoin is too volatile to be used for buying everyday items, and say it is best regarded as a store of value.

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