3 Reasons to Tell Your Twitter Friends About CMC- Community

3 Reasons to Tell Your Twitter Friends About CMC- Community

1 year ago

Level up your crypto game with CMC-Community!

3 Reasons to Tell Your Twitter Friends About CMC- Community


Ready to up your crypto game? And your friends’ crypto game too?

CMC Community was fully built to improve the lives of crypto investors from beginner to expert level — by giving more power to our users. If you’re looking to grow your crypto investments the smart way, this is definitely an excellent place to start. Here’s why you & your friends should start using CMC Community over Twitter.

#1 - Crypto-Focused Signals

Success is 10% focus & 90% avoiding distractions.
This is because the world that we live in today is constantly being filled with more: more restaurants, more shows, more music, more news, more of everything. Staying focused on a goal with 7 different distractions tugging for your attention is extremely difficult, so one needs to practice cutting out the nonsense in everything they do.
How many times has a massive crypto event been going on like the ETH merge for example, when all of Twitter just wants to talk about Will Smith slapping someone at an award show? These kinds of news stories and public debates are completely irrelevant to affecting change in your life, whereas getting vital time-sensitive data about your investments could change your future in an instant.
So, if you think about it, your Twitter feed is a representation of this exact problem. It’s a massive stream of different feeds from different sections of the internet that are all selling you something, be it a product or an ideology. You follow some meme accounts, some celebrities, some friends – it isn’t really the crypto-focused data channel that you need if you want to be successful in Web 3.
CMC Community, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to serve the crypto community, and the crypto community alone.

#2 - Crypto-Tailored Features

CMC Community takes your idea of a Twitter feed and flips it on its head, making it all about crypto, all the time.

CMC offers a variety of unique features that no other platforms do:

Bullish & Bearish Indicators: Showing on each post for a quick view of market sentiment, allowing you to get important data faster and better understand the tone of a post. In Tweets, you have to read through the text itself to see if the writer is bullish or bearish, which can be slow or confusing; CMC-Community tries to provide additional information tailored for better market analysis.
Trending $Crypto Tab: See what’s hot at the glance of an eye, without the noise of generic news. Seeing your tiny altcoin suddenly shoot to the #1 spot would be super useful info to know as soon as possible, not 3 hours later, right?
Articles Tab: Allowing you to dive deep into new and exciting events that you can capitalize on. CMC Community has also partnered with massive crypto projects who are committed to directly updating their communities in an in-depth way via these articles. The key point herre is that the Articles live within CMC-Community in one simple tab; no need to jump off to foreign Medium/Substack/WordPress blog posts for every post you see!
Crypto $Cashtags: Another super handy feature is our $ shortcut. On Twitter, adding $ to BTC for example is just creating some sort of fancy hashtag that is only really useful in an aesthetic way. With CMC Community, we wanted to make this idea functional, so while it can serve as a fancy hashtag it also actually links to our BTC Homepage if you type out $BTC! This allows you to quickly check the BTC price, BTC market sentiment, new BTC articles, and more all in one super quick search – and this applies to every other coin too!

#3 - A Whole New World/Blue Ocean

Standing out in a saturated market is basically impossible. There are a thousand different people doing exactly what you want to do, and most of them can do it better if you aren’t well-researched.

The key to getting a headstart is not posting in saturated markets.

Seems simple right?

Take Casey Neistat as the perfect example. He was a skilled filmmaker who hadn’t necessarily found massive success… then he started creating in an unsaturated market – aka YouTube – and his style was so unique that he blew up in popularity and now has millions and millions of followers and has worked with massive brands like Nike. Use Casey’s strategy and create on a new social media platform with huge potential!
A new platform means a fresh start, a level playing field and a new opportunity for you to gain an audience. You may have heard the phrase "first mover advantage" before, this is a term used when a brand is first to a market and so captures all of the users as they have a monopoly. In the same way, if you create content that is unique and high-quality, you could capture a massive percentage of CMC Community followers as you’d be one of the first on the site to create in that way.
That’s the beauty of a new platform – everyone starts at zero. Being early on in a fast-growing community gives you the edge to gain a following which can help elevate your influence and career drastically. Don’t miss the opportunity!

You’re actually early this time. Plus, it’s an exciting new player in the crypto/social space that could genuinely change the way we network in Web3, get on it now, or have FOMO forever :)

Ready to improve your crypto knowledge and investments? You can visit CMC Community here and explore the many features we’ve got on offer, as well as earn rewards in the process through our unique Diamonds rewards scheme.  Tell your friends, share the site with them & stay tuned for more to come!

P.S. Tweet to your followers about your new CMC-Community account & they’ll follow you!

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