Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin

Co-founder of Ethereum, founder of ConsenSys

Кто такой Joseph Lubin?

Joseph Lubin is a Canadian entrepreneur and software engineer best known for co-founding Ethereum and founded ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio and development consultancy. ConsenSys develops Ethereum-based products and tools to drive adoption of the network, one example is MetaMask which has over 1 million monthly users. ConsenSys is one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the blockchain technology space, building developer tools, decentralized applications, and solutions for enterprises and governments that harness the power of Ethereum. Headquartered in New York, ConsenSys also has a global presence, employing top entrepreneurs, computer scientists, software developers, and experts in enterprise delivery worldwide. Lubin was a roommate of Michael Novogratz at Princeton.

In 2020:

- ConsenSys and Protocol Labs team up to integrate Filecoin into Ethereum's dev tools
- MetaMask, which is a subsidiary under ConsenSys, launched a mobile version of its wallet
- ConsenSys has acquired J.P. Morgan’s private enterprise version of Ethereum, Quorum
- ConsenSys has acquired an American broker-dealer, Heritage Financial Systems
- Covantis, a blockchain initiative backed by global agribusiness giants like Cargill, has selected ConsenSys as a technology partner


“It was folly to trust all those structures that we implicitly felt had our best interests at heart. I felt we were living in a global society and economy that was figuratively, literally and morally bankrupt.” (Said Lubin in 2017 as reported by Cointelegraph)
“As we tokenize the world, well-resourced financial houses and traders will spare no effort to manipulate markets for gain or political advantage. We don’t want the liquid deep token markets of the next generation economy to be similarly vulnerable. We must not choose anything other than a maximally decentralized base as the foundational settlement layer of the global economy.” (Said Lubin in 2019 as reported by Cointelegraph)

Picture source: Twitter Profile