What’s CoinMarketCap Up To? A Look Back at 2021

What’s CoinMarketCap Up To? A Look Back at 2021

2 years ago

With all that happened in 2021, CoinMarketCap wanted to share what new things we have brought to our users.

What’s CoinMarketCap Up To? A Look Back at 2021

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The end of the year was a whirlwind in the crypto space — Bitcoin was up, Bitcoin was down, and suddenly, it’s already 2022!

We at CoinMarketCap had a lot going on in the background — and in the foreground! — the last few months of 2021, and we’d like to share with you what updates you might not even know about.

To begin, let’s take a look at our website!

CoinMarketCap — Our Loyal Users, Redefined in Diamonds

One of the biggest changes to CoinMarketCap in 2021 was the introduction of our Diamonds rewards program — now, loyal CoinMarketCap users can earn Diamonds by interacting with our site and its products. So what can they do with those Diamonds? Buy things!

CoinMarketCap Diamonds can be spent in our Diamonds rewards store — and in Q4 of 2021, we added tons of new rewards, ranging from NFTs from projects like Money Tree and NFTb to lucky draws and giveaways.

Referral Program

The end of 2021 also saw us launch our referral program — refer your friends to CoinMarketCap and earn Diamond rewards. All you need is to make a CoinMarketCap account, rack up 200 Diamonds, and start referring!

CoinMarketCap on Mobile

iOS Widgets

You asked, we listened!

We updated our iOS widgets to allow users to add them to their home screen. The app currently supports three widget types in a variety of size options.

Ticker: Track Bitcoin price and market data. You can customize the widget to track any coin or token.

Top Coins: Displays the top coins by market capitalization.

Watchlist: Quickly check the prices of your favorite coins on your phone's home screen using our watchlist widget.

Customize your widgets so you are always on top of the latest market moves.

Referral Program

As we wrote above, loyal CoinMarketCap customers can earn Diamonds by referring their friends — our referral program is right on our app as well. Just make sure you are logged in and have a balance of at least 200 Diamonds to begin referring!

New Language Support

To further our mission of showcasing the crypto revolution to the world, we translated our apps into two new languages!

  • Italian
  • Filipino
Our app now supports translations for 20 different languages. What languages would you like to see next?

Use Our API to Grow Your Crypto Knowledge

As part of our aim of bringing crypto literacy to as many people as possible all around the world, we’ve decided to start offering our (normally paid) API to projects and companies that share a similar goal with us — making crypto accessible.

Our free API scholarship program will allow select projects access to our unbeatable API, and all they need to do in exchange is add backlink attributes to our website.

CoinMarketCap Goes YouTube Viral

I hope you know by now that CoinMarketCap has a YouTube channel! Launched less than a year ago, by the end of 2021, our CoinMarketCap channel had over 300,000 subscribers — we’re clearly giving the people what they want.
Check out our channel to see videos ranging from deep dives into the big topics of the day (Web 3.0, the metaverse, you get the picture), as well as our daily crypto news videos. These give you that little crypto shot of news each morning — that’s why we call it Crypto Espresso.

CoinMarketCap’s Very Own Library of Academy

CoinMarketCap Academy is now over one year old! And a lot has happened — especially in the last quarter of 2021. We launched in September 2020 with just over 30,000 readers a week, and we ended December 2021 with over 1 million readers a week.

As for site updates — we got a new face! You can now search for articles by a variety of topics, including metaverse, DeFi, trading and more.

Speaking of trading, CoinMarketCap Academy also now boasts a trading analysis section. Check back each week to see analysis of the top or trending coins of the moment.

We also continued putting out our weekly news roundup podcast — CoinMarketRecap.

You can check out some of our favorite episodes here — like what we think will happen in crypto in 2022 and our 2021 crypto year in review.
The end of 2021 also saw us analyzing our data more closely — check out our reinstated report series According to CoinMarketCap here, and our CoinMarketCap Unwrapped 2021 here.
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