Democratising DEX data with CoinMarketCap’s New API Service
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Democratising DEX data with CoinMarketCap’s New API Service

5 months ago

Introducing a state-of-the-art DEX API service, scheduled for launch in Q1 2024.

Democratising DEX data with CoinMarketCap’s New API Service

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In the dynamic and ever-expanding world of cryptocurrency, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) stand at the forefront of innovation. CoinMarketCap, a leader in providing accurate and reliable cryptocurrency data, is excited to unveil its latest contribution to this vibrant ecosystem: a state-of-the-art DEX API service, scheduled for launch in Q1 2024.

The inception of this API service was driven by a clear need in the crypto community for a robust, scalable, and user-friendly tool that bridges the gap between decentralized exchanges and the end-users.

With the launch of our API service, we're setting a new standard for what traders and developers can expect from cryptocurrency data services. The 8 new APIs will be released in 2 phases, 3 in January 2024 and 5 by March 2024. All early adopters will receive 1 million free credits monthly during soft launch and heavy discounts when we hard launch the API service.

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Jan 2024- Releasing the first 3 endpoints

The first half of our API suite is designed to provide unparalleled access to real-time and detailed market data. Here’s a glimpse into some of these key features:

/v4/dex/spot-pairs/latest - Access to Latest DEX Spot Pairs

This endpoint provides a comprehensive and updated list of all active DEX spot pairs, along with the latest market data. Sort by volume, liquidity, no. of transactions, and more. Similar to what you see on and network pages like

Users can utilize this feature to discover new trading pairs, assess their performance, and make informed decisions.

/v4/dex/pairs/quotes/latest - Real-Time Market Quotes

Users can retrieve the latest market quotes for spot pairs. Query by contract address and network ID to get the spot pair you want. Similar to what you see on

This feature is essential for users who need the latest pricing data to execute their crypto strategies effectively.

/v4/dex/pairs/ohlcv/latest - Latest OHLCV

Offering the latest Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume (OHLCV) data for spot pairs, updated frequently to reflect the current UTC day's market dynamics. Create your own DEX candlestick charts with this API. Similar to the candlestick chart you see on

This data is invaluable for technical analysts and traders who rely on OHLCV charts for trend analysis and entry/exit point determination.

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Feb/Mar 2024- Releasing the next 5 APIs

/v4/dex/listings/quotes - Comprehensive DEX Listings

This endpoint returns the decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges listed on, accompanied by the latest aggregate market data for each. Discover DEX market share, no. of market pairs per DEX, open interest, and more.

Users can use this to compare and evaluate different DEXs, gaining insights into their performance.

/v4/dex/listings/info - In-Depth DEX Metadata

Provides static metadata for various DEXs, including launch dates, logos, official websites, social links, and market fee information that you find on pages like

This is invaluable for researchers and analysts looking to gather detailed information about various exchanges for comparative studies or reporting.

/v4/dex/networks/list - Network Identification Made Easy

Offers a list of all networks with unique CoinMarketCap IDs, encouraging the use of these IDs for accurate identification in other endpoints and application logic.

This feature aids developers in creating more secure applications by using standardized identifiers.

/v4/dex/pairs/ohlcv/historical - Historical Market Data

Provides historical OHLCV data along with market cap for spot pairs, using time interval parameters. Backfill your candlestick chart and backtest your strategies with this endpoint. Similar to the historical chart data you find on

Market analysts can analyze long-term market trends and patterns for better strategy formulation.

/v4/dex/pairs/trade/latest - The Latest Trade Data

Returns up to the latest 100 trades for spot pairs, with the option to convert market values into various fiat and cryptocurrency formats. Gather insights from individual trades and track trades on chain with the transaction hash returned. Similar to the trade history data you find on

Users can leverage this trade data to fine-tune their trading strategies and respond promptly to market movements.

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Real-World Applications

These APIs translate into real-world benefits for a variety of users:

1. Optimizing Portfolio Management

Scenario: A hobbyist/portfolio manager uses /v4/dex/spot-pairs/latest to access the latest listings of DEX spot pairs.

Outcome: They optimize their personal/clients' portfolios by including newly listed, high-potential pairs, leading to diversified and robust portfolio strategies.

2. Academic Research in Cryptocurrency Markets

Scenario: A university research team employs /v4/dex/pairs/ohlcv/historical for a study on market trends.

Outcome: They publish influential papers that contribute to the understanding of crypto market dynamics.

3. Developing Market Prediction Tools

Scenario: A fintech startup uses /v4/dex/listings/info to power a market prediction tool.

Outcome: The tool gains popularity for its accurate market forecasts, propelling the startup into a leading position in fintech innovation.

4. Creating a Comprehensive Trading Dashboard

Scenario: A financial services company integrates multiple endpoints to create a comprehensive trading dashboard for their clients.

Outcome: The dashboard becomes a key tool for traders, increasing client satisfaction and service subscriptions.

5. Powering Crypto Analytics Services

Scenario: A crypto analytics service integrates /v4/dex/pairs/quotes/latest for enhanced market analysis.

Outcome: Their analysis becomes more accurate and timely, attracting a larger subscriber base.

Want to build one of these use cases? Get started here.

Early Registration: Why and How

As we approach the launch of our DEX API service, we are excited to offer an early registration opportunity. This is a chance for users to be among the first to experience the benefits of this advanced tool. Here's why early registration is a valuable choice:

  • Early-bird advantages

Early registrants will be able to access the service before it becomes widely available. This allows for a headstart in exploring and utilizing the new features and data.

  • Heavy discounts during hard-launch

Users who sign up early will receive special pricing plans, offering cost-effective access to our premium data services.

  • Influencing future developments

Early users will have the unique opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions that can shape future updates and improvements to the API service.

Limited registration period, sign up now here!

Whether you're a trader, developer, analyst, or cryptocurrency enthusiast, our service is designed to elevate your experience in the dynamic world of crypto trading and analysis.

If you have any questions or are an enterprise looking for additional support, contact us at
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