CMC Pro API: Crush Your Competition With CMC’s Up-to-the-Minute Market Data

CMC Pro API: Crush Your Competition With CMC’s Up-to-the-Minute Market Data

5 months ago

In the fast-moving crypto world, every minute counts. Give your users the edge with the CoinMarketCap Pro API's comprehensive data for informed investing. The Lamborghini of APIs awaits.

CMC Pro API: Crush Your Competition With CMC’s Up-to-the-Minute Market Data

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Crypto’s a game of minutes.

The minutes your users need are everywhere.

On this website, we fight for these minutes. And we fight for you bringing your users the latest crypto prices – to the minute.


Introducing: The CoinMarketCap Pro API.

Why You Cannot Afford To Be a Minute Late

Bull or bear market, your users rely on your data being accurate.

Crypto is volatile and changes rapidly. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but you can never afford to be even a minute late with data.

Imagine a user making financial decisions because they saw a price that was outdated even for a few minutes. These errors can be very costly for them – and even more costly for the reputation of the data source.

APIs have been around forever for traditional financial markets and crypto.

The difference?

Crypto is so fast-paced that you have to be really darn sure that you have a lightning-fast API providing you with the latest prices.

The market is rich in options, but you’re not looking for an S-Tier solution - something that offers frequent updates, flexible pricing and extensive coverage, and is user-friendly.

Something like the CoinMarketCap Pro API.

Do You Even Have an API?

Safe to say that every reputed website that is remotely crypto-related has a good API. But the CoinMarketCap Pro API is not just any API, it is the API.

CoinMarketCap's comprehensive Pro API solution is the Lambo of crypto APIs. It provides the best data, so projects like yours can provide their users with the best service.

It comes with a range of subscription plans tailored to meet the needs of different users. These plans provide access to a wide array of features, including the latest market data endpoints, exchange asset reserve data and historical market data.

And CoinMarketCap is available to everyone. Whether you want to hook up your crypto blog with a price feed or you are the COO of Google (Hi Ana!), we can provide a tailor-made solution for all needs.

You’re the First – Who Cares What Comes After?

Okay, so let’s look under the hood. What can the CoinMarketCap API actually do for you?

You should choose it if you:

  • Need up-to-date data with updated frequencies every minute. The API ensures that users receive the most current market data. Our rate limits start at 30 requests per minute and go as high as more than 120 requests per minute.
  • Look for extensive coverage of crypto prices. Our Pro API provides access to the latest market data but also to historical market data and exchange asset reserve endpoints. All of them. Yes, that is every single historical price point for crypto (for the bigger data plans). Fast as a Lambo, convenient as a Lexus.
  • Want flexible pricing. The CoinMarketCap Pro API is rich in features and benefits, but not in price. We offer various subscription plans that cater to different needs and budgets. If you’re not Google and don’t want to max out your budget – we got you covered too. Our hobbyist plan starts at ~$0.00072 estimated cost per call credit and goes below ~$0.00023 estimated cost per call credit for the biggest and custom plans.
Your devs will appreciate how easy our Pro API is to integrate and work with. Check out the API documents for a deeper dive into how seamless it is to integrate.

Only the Best Is Good Enough

If you want to look somewhere else but the oldest crypto price site that has been ten years in business – be our guest.
But if you want to join the ranks of Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, Google, Microsoft and other companies relying on our price feeds, welcome to the party!

Here is your entry ticket to the best crypto price feed in the business:

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