12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — October 2021 Edition

12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — October 2021 Edition

2 years ago

With the crypto market still on an uptick, are any of these jobs right for you?

12 Crypto Firms That Are Hiring Right now — October 2021 Edition
As the crypto industry grows and evolves, we see more and more companies and new opportunities in this space. Unfortunately, the crypto market saw a cooling-off period in September. But that has not affected the crypto industry at large. Companies are still busy building new products and scaling their teams. Especially the newer technologies such as DeFi and NFTs have seen exponential growth. We have collected jobs from some of the most exciting crypto teams that are hiring this month.

Senior Solidity Developer / CTO at YSL.IO | Remote

As yield farming continues to gain momentum, there are various platforms to choose from for the users. YSL unifies some of these platforms under one website, making it easier for users to optimise better returns. 

YSL has a remote opening for a CTO, who is also a senior solidity developer, and the company pays in crypto. As a developer, the candidate should deploy smart contracts using Solidity on Binance and Ethereum chains. As a CTO, the candidate would have to envision upcoming features and develop them. 

Other jobs at YSL:

 Sr. Blockchain Engineer - Solidity at RareMint | Remote 

RareMint is a new wave NFT company that is looking to bring real-world collectables on the blockchain. Owners of physical collectables can bring in their items, enabling owners to connect physical and digital assets. 

RareMint offers various solutions along this process. It starts with storage: users can deposit their collectables, without having to maintain and safeguard them. RareMint also authenticates and enables fast sales. Apart from that, it offers DeFi services against collectables, such as providing loans. 

RareMint is looking for a senior blockchain engineer with extensive experience with blockchain development and at least two years of experience in Solidity. The candidate would be responsible for the development of RareMint’s network stack. 

NFTs could be the next big thing in the crypto industry. As the industry expands significantly, many opportunities are opening up, and new roles are being created every day. 

Other jobs at RareMint: 

Marketing Manager With Content Skills at Muon Network

Muon offers a decentralized node network that DApps can make use of to enable additional features. These operations can be on-chain, off-chain or even cross-chain. It acts as a second layer solution for blockchain platforms to settle transactions quickly at a fraction of the cost. dApps can safely operate off-chain without compromising on network security. Companies such as Muon Network solve a fundamental problem of expanding slow and expensive chains such as Ethereum. 

Muon Network is currently looking for a marketing manager with a knack for content. The ideal candidate would have to be well versed in the blockchain / web3 landscape and write good content on those topics. 

As Muon Network is gearing up for launch, the marketing manager would drive the brand and bring awareness to the project. 

Coinme is the largest physical cryptocurrency cash network in the United States. Users can buy and sell Bitcoin in more than 14,000 different physical locations. Coinme has partnered with various Coinstar and MoneyGram locations to facilitate the orders. 

With the position of General Counsel, Coinme is looking for someone to provide legal advice. In a fast-paced industry like crypto, Coinme is looking for legal advice with expanding rapidly in the U.S. and other international markets.

Other jobs at Coinme: 

Ever since Elon Musk and other celebrities started promoting Dogecoin, meme coins are no longer a joke now. This has given rise to more meme coins. Of course, it is easy to dismiss them very quickly, just as Dogecoin was over the years. But some of these projects have managed to solve real problems. 

Baby Doge Coin itself is inspired by Dogecoin. However, it markets itself as a hyper-deflationary coin that rewards its holders. About 5% of each transaction is returned to the user after each transaction. 

The project is currently looking for a full stack front end developer who’d manage the entire lifecycle of its development. The candidate should be experienced with various web technologies such as React Native, NodeJS and Javascript. It is a significant opportunity as the project is just getting started and could have huge pay-offs. 

Global Business Development Manager at Alpaca Finance | Remote

Alpaca Finance is another upcoming project that is among the top 25 DeFi projects out there. It has over $1.3 billion funds locked already by users, and this number is only growing. It combines leverage and lets you lend funds for yield farming. 

Alpaca Finance integrates with decentralized exchanges, providing liquidity for both LP borrowers and lenders. 

Alpaca Finance is looking for a global business development manager with generous benefits. The candidate will be responsible for identifying and growing the company’s business opportunities. It is a full-time remote job, without any timezone requirements, and the best part is you get paid in crypto. 

Growth Marketing Manager at imToken | Singapore / China / Remote

ImToken is a five-year old cryptocurrency company that provides multiple different crypto services. Headquartered in Singapore and offices in Hangzhou, Taiwan and the U.S., imToken is primarily a multichain wallet application. They also offer other services such as a hardware wallet, DApp browser, staking and more. 

With the position of growth marketing manager, imToken is looking for someone to manage all aspects of their digital marketing activities. The candidate will have to be experienced in SEO to research and implement localised marketing strategies in SEA and the U.S. 

Other jobs at imToken: 

Senior Haskell Developer at Coinweb | Kiev, Barcelona, Bangkok

CoinWeb is another company that is looking to provide a cross-chain computation platform for any blockchain. Coinweb claims that its solution is more collaborative, better connected, and accessible for everyone. 

CoinWeb is now looking to expand and build a blockchain-powered e-commerce payment technology company. The company is looking for a senior Haskell developer who can make this happen while integrating it with CoinWeb’s other services. 

Other jobs in CoinWeb:

CI/CD & DevOps Engineer at Zcash Foundation

Zcash Foundation, behind the privacy-focused coin, is looking for a CI/CD and DevOps Engineer. Zcash is currently working on a new project called Zebra, a consensus-compatible implementation of the Zcash protocol. The Foundation is now looking for someone who can support the engineering team with this new project. 

Once Zebra is done, the Foundation expects to work on a Zcash wallet. Zcash Foundation is looking for a highly experienced person in writing code and working with a large company where multiple people develop the product together. 

Other jobs in Zcash Foundation: 

NFT Collectibles Artist at Nerdy Inu | Remote

Nerdy Inu is a blockchain project that aims to leverage its community and ERC20 token to build various products. The project is now looking to get into the NFT space and hire an NFT collectibles artist. 

Nerdy Inu is looking to build a new collection called “Nerdy Convention.” The artist would have to work on the first batch of 1,618 collectables across various categories. 

Senior Solidity Developer at STRIPS Finance | Remote

STRIPS is creating a marketplace for various interest rates and bonds in the DeFi market. Users can borrow money to boost their yield farming returns or even lock in their interest on different yield farming platforms, among other features. 

The project is still in its very early stages. Hence, it is looking for a senior solidity developer who would work closely with the CEO and CTO to implement smart contracts and other new features for the project. 

STRIPS would pay to relocate and sponsor a visa. However, they are flexible. If the candidate is a talented individual, they are willing to have it remote. 

Other jobs in STRIPS Finance:

Steady State is a DeFi insurance provider that is looking for a talented data scientist. The DeFi industry, which is constantly evolving every day, has seen its fair share of hacks and loss of funds. Steady State uses smart contracts to insure these funds. 

Steady State is now looking for a data scientist with machine learning specialisation and has a passion for decentralized finance to join their team. It is a full-time position in Austin, US. However, the company will pay for relocation. 

There is no shortage of jobs for talented individuals in the crypto industry. Just head on to CryptoJobsList if you’d like to discover hundreds of jobs in this space.
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