Joe Vezzani, penulis

Joe Vezzani

Joe Vezzani, co-founder and CEO of LunarCrush


A tech disruptor, web3 entrepreneur, and investor based in California, Joe Vezzani is the CEO and Co-Founder of LunarCrush, the platform transforming the transparency and cutting edge analysis of social media intelligence and market insight. Under Joe's leadership, LunarCrush has revolutionized the digital ecosystem, leading the cryptocurrency realm and applying its real-time data as crucially valuable intelligence for marketing, advertising and a range of industries. LunarCrush has achieved recognition as a top 200 website, earning coveted placements and trust from renowned industry leaders such as TradingView, CoinBase, and Kraken. In his role as CEO, Joe champions LunarCrush's growth with hands-on leadership and mentorship, fostering a rewarding company culture with an environment of innovation and development.

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