The Untold Story: How CoinMarketCap Became Home of Crypto

The Untold Story: How CoinMarketCap Became Home of Crypto

CoinMarketCap's journey from ranks to recognition reflects crypto's growth - but how did it all happen?

The Untold Story: How CoinMarketCap Became Home of Crypto

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It all started years ago when a crypto enthusiast had a simple idea - to create a site organizing tokens by market capitalization so people could easily follow crypto's growth. What spawned from Brandon Chez's 2013 brainchild as essentially an interactive list grew far more extensive than he ever imagined.

Flash forward to today, where Chez's creation, CoinMarketCap, welcomes a passionate community of over 300 million each month on their hunt for blockchain treasures.

But how did this corner of crypto grow to rival the size of small nations? That's the untold story we want to reveal today.

In the Beginning, It Was All Just Numbers

Back in 2013, when CoinMarketCap began, the site simply ranked crypto market capitalizations, allowing people to track growth. Users could see stats like price, total supply, market cap value, and straightforward price charts.

The clean design attracted crypto users who wanted data to analyze tokens. Seeing assets by market cap rank brought order to make sense of the industry.

'Tracking' Turned to 'Guiding'

Slowly but surely, more features joined the rankings. Price conversion calculators, customizable charts and watchlists, learn-and-earn programs, and crypto exchange data helped inform crypto trading and research.

The mobile app brought convenience for tracking portfolios on the go. And email newsletters kept readers updated without information overload. CMC aimed to educate and enable a thriving blockchain community.

Expanding Beyond Prices

Today, the CMC Community connects projects and supporters. CMC Research's reports track the progress of evolving sectors and new trends. Tools for developers, transparent methodology, and a strict quality standard provide accountability.

What began as a ranking site is now the Home of Crypto, welcoming newcomers while serving seasoned traders.

From Ranks to Awards

Even a decade since its inception, CoinMarketCap remains unsatisfied, just tracking crypto's meteoric rise. They want to do something bigger - to recognize and celebrate key contributors fueling crypto's growth.

By launching the CMC Crypto Awards, they pull out the red carpet to give these builders and leaders the spotlight they deserve.

But why an awards show?

The answer echoes back to that same spirit spurring CoinMarketCap's birth - the progress of projects lifts the whole crypto industry. Honoring pillars of progress promotes awareness and adoption by highlighting best practices. Awards lend credibility to crypto and web3, advancing real-world impact beyond speculation hype.

All the CMC Crypto Awards nominees stuck to their visions despite rough times. As the headlines overflowed with stories of crypto winter causing cascading liquidations, these teams kept their heads down, building communities and real-world utility.

Rather than abandoning their dreams when FUD took over the market, they powered through by continuously improving products even with limited resources.

So, while the winners may gain accolades on March 6th, ALL nominated builders and leaders reflect the dedication and passion of crypto's earliest builders and believers.

Honoring Roots, Celebrating Growth

Over a decade, CoinMarketCap has evolved far beyond those early days of simply ranking crypto assets. Yet their mission remains unchanged - to inform, empower, and advance the web3 community.

Today, the CMC Crypto Awards carry this torch forward into Web3's next era. By spotlighting achievement across sectors, CMC celebrates builders and visionaries expanding real-world utility - not just speculation.

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