5 Ways You Can Use CMC-Community to Build a Huge Audience in Record Time

5 Ways You Can Use CMC-Community to Build a Huge Audience in Record Time

1 year ago

Want to build your crypto audience faster? Benefit from CMC-Community and its wide range of features!

5 Ways You Can Use CMC-Community to Build a Huge Audience in Record Time

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Are you a crypto influencer that wishes their community was growing faster? Or maybe you have a few followers but haven’t fully committed to growing an audience yet… Either way, we have a very interesting and viable solution for you – CMC-Community.
CMC-Community is the official CoinMarketCap social platform, tailor-made from the ground up specifically for the entire crypto space to benefit from. Think Twitter, without the thousands of bots, and without the messy feed distracting you from your crypto portfolio. This platform is all about crypto, all the time.

What makes CMC-Community better than other platforms though? We’ll be answering that question in 5 steps, and by the end of this article, we guarantee you’ll want to create an account ASAP.

#1 - Full Control

Arguably the most important reason in today’s political climate is that CMC-Community is dedicated to being censorship resistant & open to everyone. Whether right or wrong, people are very often censored on popular social platforms like Twitter & Youtube. CMC-Community believes that everyone deserves a voice and that the powers that be deciding who should and shouldn’t be silenced are not a strong framework for a healthy society.
On Youtube, for example, creators often get their videos taken down or shadow-banned for saying things that YouTube doesn’t like. Twitter is known for this too, despite the fact that they allow accounts from real terrorist organizations to continue posting on their platform. It is biased and selective censorship.

So, if you’re interested in being able to express yourself freely without the possibility of losing thousands of hard-earned followers overnight, this is the place to go. Free speech is allowed and encouraged, and creators will not be silenced on the platform. Take solace in knowing that this is a safe place to build.

#2 - A Whole New World

CMC-Community is a very new platform, so you can think of it as a new piece of land we’ve discovered. There are tonnes of space to be built on and tonnes of opportunities just waiting for you because you’d be enjoying a first-mover advantage.

According to Investopedia, a first-mover advantage is:

"a company that gains a competitive advantage by being the first to bring a new product or service to the market, whereby first movers typically establish strong brand recognition and customer loyalty - Amazon and eBay are examples of companies that enjoyed first-mover status."

How does this apply to you? We all want people to follow when we join a new platform, and your content could quickly become the first of its kind on CMC-Community as there is less competition here than on other social platforms.

Apart from a first-mover advantage, you can also take the "blue ocean strategy" into consideration. It states that in business you should never spend time trying to advertise in an oversaturated market, but should instead strive to create a brand new product in a brand new market where you can acquire a much larger user base at a faster rate.

#3 - The Front Page of Web3

If you’re really into Web3 and crypto, this is the best place to spend your time online. That’s because it is a highly specialized and focused feed with no distractions like celebrity gossip or sports updates. It’s just crypto people posting about crypto news.
If you truly are serious about the space and want to grow within it, the CMC-Community feed being exclusively about crypto means people get important info faster. It also means that you have an entire platform of users that are your exact target audience. It’s like having an ice cream stand in the middle of the desert – everyone is your customer!

Lastly, everyone who is anyone will be posting regularly on CMC-Community because CoinMarketCap is such a massive player in the game already. So you’d best get involved before the opportunity fades. In fact, CMC-Community is incentivizing massive projects to set up shop on the platform by allowing them to post in-depth article updates directly to their followers.

#4 - Become a Thought Leader

We all have a long list of crypto thought leaders we follow and go to for interesting takes and great pieces of financial advice. On CMC-Community, this could very easily be you if you took that first step.

As mentioned above, CMC-Community empowers every user by encouraging deep dives and research-related content via the Articles tab. This is a tab where users can find and add to a well of insightful content that is made by the crypto community for the crypto community.
This tab can be your library of infinite knowledge for everything you’ll ever need to know. Oh, and it’s also relatively easy to get verified on CMC-Community.So if you’re building a community, you can gain trust with your audience and start growing faster than you could on other platforms.

#5 - Permanence & Relevance

Content posted on CMC-Community stays up on the platform forever. CoinMarketCap does not delete content, so your work is always safe. What’s more,  posting and creating content on the CMC-Community platform allows you the opportunity to be ranked on Google. So you aren’t just growing a community on the platform but also increasing your relevance on the biggest search engine on the planet. This is especially important if you have a brand or service that you want to get as many eyes on as possible.
It’s also important to note that CMC-Community will undoubtedly become massive in the space. So by creating a community here you’ll essentially be attaching yourself to a rocket in the crypto world. Countless popular creators will start transferring their followings from Twitter to CMC-Community, and plenty of press will continue to cover the platform as it has already, so getting on early will really give you a huge headstart on the rest of the market.
That’s especially true because the market is in a bear mode right now – and what has everyone learned about bear markets? Bear markets are for building, and now is the perfect time for you to build!

Those are just 5 reasons to get you hyped on the new CMC-Community platform, be sure to check it out here and sign up today!

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