Recap: WeSendit at the Paris Blockchain Week

Recap: WeSendit at the Paris Blockchain Week

1 year ago

Who knows, maybe there’ll be an Arch de Triomphe for WeSendit one day… ;)

Recap: WeSendit at the Paris Blockchain Week

“Vive la révolution!”

After a couple of days in the French capital, our delegation can confirm:

The famous French revolutionary spirit is still alive!

Our visit to the Paris Blockchain Week fell together with one of the most intense (and unfortunately also violent) protests in recent years. Tens of thousands took to the streets to protest against the government’s pension reform.

But by now, you know our spirit:

We will advance WeSendit’s development no matter what, even if we have to navigate through rioting crowds, charging police and burning trash bins.

Luckily, the risk we took paid off:

Thanks to our deep network (we are network experts after all), we got one of the best and ridiculously expensive ticket bundles for a much better price.

This gave us access to a large number of Venture Capital investors, family offices, and other exciting projects. We held at least 15 very promising 1:1 conversations on which we will follow up in the next weeks and months.

The pace was incroyable:

After an entire day at the main event, we would grab a few snacks and then immediately rush over to some of the very best side events, including 1inch at “Cirque de la lune”.

Networking. Opportunities. WeSendit. All day.

Source: PBW

Our delegation also discovered another benefit of being a regular visitor to major blockchain and crypto events:

We met many contacts from previous events and even teamed up with some of them to get the best outreach and impact for our project.

The Paris Blockchain Week was a massive event and WeSendit definitely made the most of it.

For us, two things are certain:

1: We will return to Paris one day.

2: WeSendit will eventually outgrow the Eiffel tower... 😎

Until then: “Merci Paris et au revoir!”

PS: Our next trip might lead us to a vibrant tech capital across the pond. Stay tuned and as always: trust the process.

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