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Self-reported circulating supply
82,382,137,981,328,500 ROGE
Total supply
100,000,000,000,000,000 ROGE
Max. supply
100,000,000,000,000,000 ROGE
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About Rogue Doge

What Is Rogue Doge (ROGE)?

Rogue Doge (ROGE) is a native crypto asset for the Rogue Tokens. A Crypto Ecosystem set to provide innovative products and initiatives within decentralised finance.

Rogue Doge (ROGE) native utility token will be used for: Purchases of real world products and digital services in the store. To reduce/eliminate fees when trading on the exchange.

Rogue Doge (ROGE) to include: The Rogue’s Bazaar - An online marketplace where holders of ROGE will trade real world goods and digital services for ROGE. The Rogue’s Exchange - A token exchange which will have a number of unique features designed to offer either free or the lowest fees on trades and all without compromising on security.

Rogue Doge (ROGE) launched on the Ethereum mainnet on April 19, 2021 with 100 quadrillion tokens created. With no minting function 100 quadrillion is the maximum total supply. There is a 1% tax on every transaction of ROGE, which is then redistributed to reward all existing ROGE holders. The second native currency of the Rogue Tokens Crypto Ecosystem provides ROGE with a 5% tax on it’s own transactions, which serves a buy and burn function on ROGE. This makes ROGE a deflationary token regulated by the trade volume of the second native currency of the Rogue Tokens Crypto Ecosystem.

Who Are the Founders of Rogue Doge (ROGE?

Keeping to the anonymity of Decentralised finance Rogue Doge was created and renounced by an unknown developer. Rogue Doge was swiftly adopted by a group of dedicated individuals with the skills to develop the project and build trust from investors to provide Rogue Doge (ROGE) the sustainable future we see today.

The project became a native token of what is now the Rogue Tokens Crypto Ecosystem, and the Lead Team Administration has grown to 17 individuals to increase skill sets, resources and resilience for the project moving forward.

What Makes Rogue Doge (ROGE) Unique?

The Rogue tokens are two evolutionary DeFi tokens that work symbiotically together.

The “twin” token concept is a unique development in the community DeFi space which couples two tokens together in a manner where their tokenomics and socials feed strengthen each other in an endless virtuous cycle. As one token does well it bolsters the other which in turn reciprocates in a continuous loop.

The Rogue Tokens Crypto Ecosystem has a transaction tax funded community treasury which is, amongst other things, applied to regulate and reinforce the ongoing relationship between the two tokens as well as provide an investment platform known as pX initiatives all to deliver strong and stable investor returns.

Through innovative use cases, tokenomics and strong community support, the Rogue Tokens Crypto Ecosystem is ready to disrupt and redefine what is possible in the DeFi community token space.

What are the Rogue Tokens Crypto Ecosystem pX initiatives?

Overview: Strategy to use community treasury funds, and in time ringfenced investor funds, to perform the activities split into sub-strategies below: pX Rogue: activities to directly support and regulate the health of each of the Rogue Tokens and the relationship between them. This will focus on bolt-on tokenomics (LP, buy & burn, strategic trading, staking, reflection farming) pX Tech: Crypto Algo Fund I - manual and algorithmic trading and investment of "blue-chips" and stable coins based on lead team administration driven sub-strategies.
pX Social: Crypto Algo Fund II - manual and algorithmic trading and investment within the community token space based on social and community fed sub-strategies. Rationale: provide a diversified portfolio of assets and synthetic hedge against market movements and reduce overreliance on a single token/chart or a particular strata of the market.
Distribution strategy: Investor returns will be reflected in how pX Rogue activities are conducted to pass through value realised in pX Tech and pX Social activities. Future 'ring fenced investor activities' will follow a separate set of sub-strategies. Implementation strategy: Volume permitting.