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Powered by Polkadot, PolkaTrail elevates the travel experience industry by offering a decentralized app that lets anyone lists accommodation, tours and other city travel experiences with no middleman or tech company capturing the value at the expense of owners and customers

By achieving greater efficiency via blockchain, PolkaTrail will reduce commissions, increase transparency, increase revenue for owners and lower costs for renters

The PolkaTrail NFT Marketplace allows users to collect and trade art inspired and sorted by specific locations. A gamification layer is added by awarding rare NFTs to travelers based on frequent app use and exotic destinations!

Polkatrail business model is to generate revenue from sales in the nft marketplace, rental synthetics, and advertisements. Whereas, the key innovations are: ECoins, Decentralized Loan Platform, and City-themed NFT marketplaces. The team has worked to implement the most trending and useful blockchain technologies onto the platform.

Who are the founders of PolkaTrail? PolkaTrail was founded by Soowhan Doh, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20+ years experience in gaming and application development. Doh affirmatively said that he is set to build PolkaTrail as the next pioneering blockchain platform bridging physical and virtual reality. He and the rest of the core team have been blockchain enthusiasts and supporters from early days of Ethereum. However, for a business venture in blockchain this is their beginning. He also reiterated that PolkaTrail's core team is very ambitious in contending against the major traveling platforms such as AirBnB and Expedia and that the team is composed of developers, attorneys, real-estate developers, and more. They initially started as a team of five to build a blockchain version of AirBnB, but now they are building Polkatrail, an A-Z platform that is reshaping the travel industry.

What makes Polkatrail unique: Polkatrail is the first blockchain platform to introduce bonding curves implemented in the traveling industry via synthetic experience coins. (Ecoins). An apartment owner will be receiving a % of ecoins as the owner, and travelers who have seen the upsides of the property to generate revenue can invest by purchasing the property's ecoin to take %s of their rental fees. It works in a similar way to BitClout.

Polkatrail is creating an inclusive ecosystem that allows for everyone to contribute and earn and as a result, reshaping the travel industry which has been single-sided and lopsided towards the service providers.

The biggest advantage of PolkaTrail is that it doesn’t take platform fees like others, such as AirBNB.