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As the project is relatively new, please review our disclaimer

关于 Mango Market Caps


Mango Markets offers a token ($MCAPS) that can be burned and redeemed for physical, premium swag.


The redeemable token is not connected to our upcoming protocol and governance.

500 $MCAPS tokens will be created and deposited into a Solana swap pool. Every $MCAPS sold increases the cost of the next, but they can be sold back into the pool at any time. The minimum price for a market cap sold by the AMM will be $15.

$MCAPS will be burned in exchange for 1 real Mango Market Cap + shipping to anywhere in the world. After running for at least 60 days, all remaining liquidity will be removed and all remaining $MCAPS tokens will be burned. The distributed Tokens can be redeemed at any time and continue to be traded on any serum dex based exchange.

Who we are?

Bunch of devs, market makers & misfits building fully decentralized margin trading and perpetual swaps at We're in it for the memes