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Kuende Kuende (KUE)

0.000355 USD (-1.20%)
0.00000004 BTC (2.29%)
0.00000203 ETH (3.22%)

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281,099 USD
35 BTC
1,607 ETH
197 USD
0.02 BTC
1.13 ETH
791,952,299 KUE
3,013,984,637 KUE

Kuende 市場

# 來源 配對 交易量(24小時) 價格 交易量 (%) 類別 手續費類型 更新時間
1 Sistemkoin KUE/TRY $168 $0.000359 85.30% Spot Percentage 最近
2 Sistemkoin KUE/ETH $29 $0.000332 14.70% Spot Percentage 最近
3 CoinBene KUE/ETH $0 $0.000395 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近
4 CoinBene KUE/BTC $0 $0.000161 0.00% Spot Percentage 最近

Kuende 社交媒體動態

Kuende 工具



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Kuende describes itself as a blockchain-fueled social media platform that encourages its users to engage in real-life interactions through Gamified Challenges. Kuende's Gamified Challenges actively encourage people to engage in activities that lead to real-life interactions.

Kuende’s economy relies on 2 tokens: the Kpoints, which act as a digital currency in the platform and the KUE Token, a cryptocurrency that gives users and businesses extra benefits. Both the KUE Token and Kpoints are a means of incentivizing users and businesses to engage with the platform and each other in the digital space and in real life.

Kuende is also building its own blockchain on the Cosmos Network, with a view towards cross-chain interoperability. This is part of Kuende goal of empowering blockchain businesses to engage with their audiences through challenges and reward participants both in their token and Kuende’s. Kuende has reportedly more than 100,000 users using its web and mobile platforms.

Kuende價格 0.000355 USD
Kuende回報率 -91.34%
市場排名 #1217
市值 281,099 USD
24小時交易量 197 USD
流通供給量 791,952,299 KUE
總供給量 3,013,984,637 KUE
最大供給量 無數據
歷來最高價 0.001450 USD
歷來最低價 0.000195 USD
52星期最高價 / 最低價 0.001450 USD /
0.000195 USD
90天最高價 / 最低價 0.000731 USD /
0.000212 USD
30天最高價 / 最低價 0.000454 USD /
0.000296 USD
7天最高價 / 最低價 0.000415 USD /
0.000353 USD
24小時最高價 / 最低價 0.000360 USD /
0.000353 USD
昨天最高價 / 最低價 0.000365 USD /
0.000356 USD
昨天開盤價 / 收盤價 0.000364 USD /
0.000356 USD
昨天的價格變動 $-0.000008 USD (-2.16%)
昨天的交易量 $268 USD