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What is Apillon?

Apillon is a Web3 development platform empowering developers to build in the Polkadot ecosystem. Through standard API connections, it provides the complete technology stack of connected services for creating NFT, GameFi, DeFi, and other Web3 products easily, reliably, and fast.

By connecting the Polkadot parachains at one spot, it gives developers a unique opportunity to harness the development potential of their use cases and build complex products in one go, without the need to switch from one parachain to another.

It provides the complete technology stack of connected Polkadot parachains. It gathers a unique set of tools, SDKs, and documentation to fully support users in building their Web3 products from scratch.

Why Apillon?

The dawn of open-source and decentralized technologies has inspired the creation of online systems that give individuals more power to exchange assets and open up new business opportunities while reducing reliance on centralized authorities. However, even though the pace of technological progress has been outstanding, the adoption of decentralized solutions still awaits implementation in the real economy on a large scale.

Polkadot, one of the leading players in the Web3 ecosystem, is set to transform the way businesses, individuals, and organizations manage assets and data. Still, several factors hinder the broader adoption of Web3 solutions:

  • Developers need to overcome a high barrier to entry and master loads of complex technical requirements.
  • Investment in Web3 development takes tons of resources, including setting up a team able to navigate the lengthy process and deliver satisfactory results.
  • Price-performance ratio of Web3 solutions is often seen as unfavorable, as many businesses and users find them unconvincing, even risky, when it comes to employing them in the real economy.

Apillon is a unified platform that empowers developers and businesses to build on Web3. It provides direct access to Polkadot parachains and their services simply through APIs, allowing users to create a working Web3-based product from day one. Building with Apillon does not require prior knowledge of blockchain technology and the hassle of lengthy testing and auditing, which substantially reduces the go-to-market timeline and resources spent in the process.

Apillon brings the power of distributed technologies to every web developer and opens the floodgate to their widespread adoption. It democratizes the usability of advanced technologies and helps Web3 services reach wider and deeper

How does it work?

Apillon streamlines the complexity behind Polkadot and its parachains development and packs it into a suite of development tools that allow an easy transition for all web developers.

It unites the essential development tools and links to the Polkadot ecosystem. The platform UI takes into account the standard ways of developing an app and does all the hard work for them.

The Apillon platform gathers and merges the accessibility of Polkadot parachains through APIs, the practicality of SDKs, and the instructiveness of the complete documentation of each module. As a go-to development toolbox, it’s aimed both at developers that are yet to tap into the Web3 space as well as those who seek to upgrade their existing Web3 products.

The easy access and interoperability give builders an opportunity to combine use cases and integrate them seamlessly into conglomerates of distributed services, serving their audiences in a more wholesome way than they could with niche products. APIs

Thanks to easy integration into any development framework, the Apillon APIs introduce a new way of Web3 development that significantly simplifies the go-to-market product evolution.

Initially, the Apillon platform will incorporate APIs to: * KILT * Crust * Phala

In the future, Apillon plans on adding more APIs as new parachains earn their slot on Polkadot.


Easing the integration of the Apillon platform and its APIs, ample SDKs enable faster and more streamlined utilization of Polkadot/Kusama parachains from the first click onwards.

Apillon’s NCTR token

The NCRT token is Apillon’s native utility token and serves primarily to sustain Apillon functionalities when interacting with linked Polkadot parachains and transacting with their protocols.

It represents a uniform means of value exchange in the process of building Web3 projects on the Apillon platform, as it replaces the need to interact with individual tokens of utilized parachains.

For every value-based action on Apillon, the platform manages the utility of parachains’ features in their native tokens in the back-end, so that developers only deal with NCTR and don’t have to worry about acquiring or exchanging other tokens.

The Apillon business model also supports payments in EUR and USD, which further boosts adoption among crypto-newbies, and the platform converts it to NCTR to unlock Apillon functionalities.

Apillon Tokenomics Whitepaper: