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SmartCoin is a Paladin-audited yield farming protocol on Avalanche (AVAX) with an innovative self-feeding tokenomics system and a 100% fair launch. ## What Is SmartCoin (SMRT)?

Founded in 2018, SmartCoin (SMRT) is a multi-phase yield farming protocol deployed on Avalanche (AVAX) - a layer-1 blockchain. Smartcoin functions as a platform for decentralized applications & custom networks. By teaming up with Avalanche, SmartCoin has relied on fast and cheap transactions.

SmartCoin was developed from scratch and the creators have two main goals:

Firstly, to provide a stable, safe, and most importantly - profitable experience for those keen on pursuing high APRs. And secondly, to completely break the DeFi financial system and fill the unmet needs of the industry.

According to the team, SmartCoin entered the market with an innovative self-feeding tokenomics system and a fair launch. The amount of SmartCoin (SMRT) is constantly increasing and distributed among the community in the form of massive booster mechanics and economic stimulus incentives.

The SmartCoin roadmap dates back to Q3 2021, with the tokenomics, investment strategies, and platform mechanics set to evolve in each phase.

Who Are the Founders of SmartCoin?

The SmartCoin team is creating the project completely anonymously, however, there are a few key details available regardings its team. As of November 2021, the company employs a fully KYC-verified crew of founders including a Harvard professor, Amazon / Apple developers, a triple-A game architect, and professional yield farmers. The principle of anonymity is respected in order to protect the team members in the first place allowing the entire staff and consultants to work incognito. However, the founder of SmartCoin privately confirmed the identities in RugDoc as Low Risk.

What Makes SmartCoin Unique?

The developers of SmartCoin are doing their best to make the company's mission a reality. Specifically, the developers aim to provide the community with an innovative, exciting and easy-to-use yield farming aggregator protocol, while guaranteeing stability and security of the platform.

SmartCoin is easy to navigate, and is designed to reinvest as much funding as possible back into the Smart ecosystem. 70% of all emissions go to the community: 50% of the total issued SMRT tokens are allocated to reward the liquidity provider, and 20% goes to the treasury. Thus, SmartFund is essential to stimulate the economy, and reinvestment back into the SmartCoin community, as high APR% events stimulate adaptation and involvement of participants.

SmarChain offers several incentives to reward farmers & investors:

Double-Double Mechanism: provides rewards for SmartCoin users and encourages them not only to participate in the farm, but also to stay involved. How it works: if the TVL (Total Value Locked) on the platform doubles, then the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) doubles. Further, word-of-mouth marketing stimulates the growth of SmartCoin with rewards given to users who maintain liquidity.

Bollinger Band Booster: A set of trend lines for a price chart that acts as a corrector, helping determine the position of the price (high or low position on a relative basis). Bollinger Band Booster participates in the process of building innovative tokenomics: if the price falls below the lower Bollinger band, then Bollinger Band Booster increases APR using SmartFund. There are a number of pros behind this mechanism including raised profitability for investors, reduced incentives for bank runs, and generated buying pressure for SMRT.

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How Many SmartCoin (SMRT) Coins Are There in Circulation?

SmartCoin (SMRT) is a native layer-1 farming token that powers the ecosystem and serves as the platform's main currency.

The company did not conduct pre-sale or private sales of SMRT tokens. In October 2021, SMRT reached the emission limit of 1 billion coins, which marked the beginning of the next platform stage - SmarterCoin (SMRTr), and all SMRT holders were able to get early access.

Emissions started on block #4438594, the level of emissions depend on market conditions and change based on a number of booster mechanics. Based on the current emission rate, SMRT tokens were distributed as follows:

50% to Liquidity Providers;

20% to SmartFund;

20% to the Dev Team;

10% to the Future Investor Fund.

Team funds as well as Treasury funds are distributed at the same rate as LP farms.

SMRT and SMRTr direct 100% of internal LP tokens to RugDoc for a 90-day block, an aspect that adds another layer of security to the network.

How Is the SmartCoin Network Secured?

SmartCoin (SMRT) is a multi-stage project where each stage is closely reviewed by a smart contract auditing firm with an essential focus on decentralized finance protocols, known as Paladin Blockchain Security. Reports with all summary records are available here.

The SmartCoin protocol also employs the Trader Joe V3 MasterChef contract. The MasterChef contract is derived from the TraderJoe contract, but maintains a slight difference: instead of a fork / copy / paste, class inheritance is used. Moreover, a Techrate check, in addition to a series of tests, took place before the farming launch.

Additionally, SMRT belongs to the deployed MasterChefSmartCoinV2 contract, which belongs to the developer key. The private key is stored in secure offline vaults. According to the developers, in the near future, the platform will be prepared for the transition to a DAO-oriented approach with multiple signature solutions.

Where Can You Buy SmartCoin (SMRT)?

SmartCoin (SMRT) is listed on Trader Joe - a one-stop-shop decentralized platform on Avalanche, where DEX services are combined with DeFi lending to offer leveraged trading.

As of November 2021, Trader Joe is the only option where the SMRT token can be traded.

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