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XPANZ Dữ liệu về giá theo thời gian thực

The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol in DeFi. -Price Stability and Anti-Dump Features -Earn Compounding Interest Every 3 Seconds! No Gas Wasting, Staking, Bonding, or Farming Necessary!

$XPANZ is the highest paying dual rebase auto-staking and auto-compounding token on the planet. $XPANZ Trust Fund

The XTF serves as a trust fund to ensure price stability and the long term sustainability of the protocol. $XPANZ Treasury

The treasury provides support to XTF during larger price drops, plus investments and development. Auto Compounding

Crypto's most reliable and highest paying protocol pays a whopping 500,581.7079% APY. The Black Hole

2% of $XPANZ from every trade is sent to the black hole and burned, thereby reducing inflation. Auto Liquidity

Our eXpanZ Healthy Auto Liquidity Engine dominates other projects by ensuring plentiful liquidity. Easy Staking

Just buy, hold, and earn! Your tokens are autostaked and are held in your own private and secure wallet of your choice. Anti-Dump Feature

The anti-dump algorithm (XADA) increases the sell-side fees if a sale will impact the price more than 0.1%. Longterm Interest

The Longterm Interest Technology (LIT) ensures a fixed APR, reducing the epoch rebase little by little each year.

XPANZ Swap is more of a longer term goal for XPANZ Bank ecosystem as of now. XPANZ Swap will be a way for the projects who are launching on XPANZLaunchpad, to trade on our own XPANZ Swap with low transaction/gas fees and provide liquidity to the swap. The projects using our own launchpad will be getting more benefits in terms of getting listed for free! XPANZ Swap aims to be cost&user friendly for both the projects and the investors using our XPANZ Swap platform.